Screenshot 2018-12-13 at 17.34.55Last night Peter Murphy had a meltdown at the gig in Stockholm (Nalen).

Annoyed at a small sector of the crowd ignoring his show he was apparently throwing bottles at the audience one of which landed on the mixing desk which broke it and ended the concert after 2/3 of the gig. Following this there was an altercation with the security at the venue which saw him thrown out of the venue. When Louder Than War saw him play Manchester last week he played a great show which we reviewed here.



Security at the venue Nalen in the Swedish capital had to wrestle down the 61-year-old singer, on a jubilee tour with his gothic rock band that turns 40 this year, as he went berserk on stage, crashing a lamp as well as attacking fans and venue staff with with different items. The incident has been reported to the police.

According to Swedish music magazine Gaffa, Murphy had walked off the stage at the end of the show complaining about the feedback in his earpiece. He had come back seemingly calm but suddenly started to throw glasses and bottles towards the mixer board, leaving a fan with scars in his face.

“At the end of the concert, the artist started to show a behaviour that is completely unacceptable,” Nalen spokesperson Jennie Monie told Aftonbladet.

“Afterwards we’ve understood that he first kicked down a lamp on stage. Then he threw water bottles on audience, staff and also against our technicians. One water bottle that was open broke the mixer board.”

One bottle hit a person in the audience.

“There’s also one visitor who’s got a bottle in the face, on the cheek, and got a cut. Our security staff took care of him and sent him to the hospital,” Monie said.

The person is reported be well under the circumstances.

After the show stopped, Murphy went to his dressing room but was asked by the organisers to leave the venue.

“Shortly after this he came back and started to argue with our staff, acting threatening and aggressive. At that time there were also fans left at the venue, probably waiting to get an autograph,” Monie said.

“When he started to threaten our guests and shouted at them, our security staff decided to take him out. The artist wasn’t happy but rather aggressive and hit one of our staff in the face, which is why they decided to take him down to the ground.”

In a video clip that Aftonbladet can show, Murphy is seen in a brawl with the security staff outside of the venue.

“Fuck you, you fucking Swedish,” the Northampton-born singer is heard shouting.

“Don’t fucking touch me.”

He then throws a punch at one of the security staff before he is wrestled to the ground.

The venue now urges audience members who in any way got injured to report it to the police.

“At the moment we are trying to investigate exactly what has happened. If anyone in the audience in any way got injured, we would like you to contact us and report it to the police,” Nalen said in a statement.

Investigator Stefan Persson at the Stockholm police confirms that they have received at least one report of assault has been filed.

“It regards causing bodily injury, a man who was injured in there. He says that he has had something thrown at him from the stage,” Persson said to Aftonbladet.

According to the investigator, it is possible that more than one reports have been filed.

After the incident Murphy was put in a taxi, the organisers deciding not to call the police.

“We put him in a cab so that we’d be able to take care of our guests and sort out the situation here,” Jennie Monie said.


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  1. What a fucking idiot. 61 and having temper tantrums! Leaving a fan with a scar on his face!!! A complete and utter twat and my respect for him has totally disintegrated

    • Jez , how many gigs have you been to ? This was tame !!!
      Aerosmith , New York Dolls , Throbbing Gristle to mention a few were Gigs I feared for my LIFE (through deeds done by the band members & Singers before during and after their set !!! )
      Punk Gigs of the late 70’s – you would be soaked in gob (phlegmy spit) and stale beer + sweat – plus you were being constantly sucked backwards into the Mosh-pits spin cycle that usually surrounded the stage .
      I have been to around 1000+ Gigs in my long life –
      (worn earplugs from the age of 19 thank GOD) and have seen some Vicious fucked up shit to do with bands , their entourage , roadies and the hired security . Drugs Frustration and Emotional Overload usually were the things that set off the Bands when on stage – but the most EVIL shit were done by the Hangers On & some of the Fringe Entourage , the most violent things by the over Zealot Security and the most low down things by the Venues themselves at some of the gigs I’ve been to .
      My God man , you have such delicate sensibilities to write off a man’s whole career for a poorly aimed plastic bottle .
      BTW the Guy at the bar who Peter was trying to throw the plastic bottle at was a “Nalen” sanctioned ticket tout – I hate those fuckers – they split their takings with the greedy venue and DON’T give any proceeds to the band playing thus ripping the touring band off out of their their hard earned cash !
      No wonder Pete was pissed !
      Everything in context boy … just wait when you are too drunk to remember … let’s see how much respect you can garner !

  2. He actually said “you fucking Swedish cunt” which I think is a bit xenophobic. Pete Murphy has obviously lost it and needs help, book himself into the ageing rock star clinic and think about stuff.

  3. Shame it wasn’t Rogue from the Crux Shadows… As for this report I shall take it all with a pinch of salt the media is well known for misreporting incidents.

  4. I am aware through record company sources of an incident not long ago where he was pulled over and arrested in Los Angeles for possession of methamphetamine. Maybe this was drug related

    • That was back in 2013 . He was involved a minor car accident while DUI , a minor scrape up with another vehicle in Glendale USA .
      Pete was driving under the influence of Turkish prescription Meta-amphetamine of all things . He managed to get off some of the charges because he was prescribed them for his sleep disordered narcolepsy – go figure ! I presume you are not supposed to import unsanctioned foreign medicines into the US without a Doctor’s note. At least he did not kill anyone apart from a few Brain-cells !

      • all well and good when you’re a punk in your 20’s… he’s over 60. Hope his ass gets sued for acting like such a spoiled a brat. Maybe he needs to go back to pre-school; it’s usually around the ages of 2-3 that we teach kids to “use their words” lol. Dig his music but wow, what a douche.

  5. In Berlin war Peter Murphy klasse.
    Ich frag mich ob der Bericht nicht einseitig ist und Peter provoziert wurde?
    Bela lugasi is undead

  6. Saw them three times this tour and they were brilliant… as good as when I saw bauhaus in 1980. One early gig Pete slammed his mike stand into someone’s head who was being an abusive prat. Bauhaus gigs always had a bit of crackle in the air. So let’s not wet the bed over plastic water bottles getting chucked. There are plenty alternatives if you want safe & sanitised.

  7. It happened in Sweden!!! It’s no big deal to provoke the people (including the cops) there. Pretty neat and clean society. Still useless trouble for no proper reason.

  8. The support band Desert Mountain Tribe have been incredible on this tour – LTW should really keep an eye out for them

  9. I’m taking this with a pinch of salt, because the article is poorly written (grammar – “According to the investigator, it is possible that more than one reports have been filed”) and contradicts itself – first paragraph: “one of which landed on the mixing desk which broke it and ended the concert after 2/3 of the gig”, yet later the story says the damage was done after the gig finished and Peter Murphy left the stage, then returned and started throwing things and abusing people.


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