Peter Murphy Speaks Out About the Drug Bust: ‘It’s not clear where the meth came from. I never touch the stuff’The recent arrest of former Bauhaus frontman Peter Murphy for having a bag of meth in his car was was a bit of an eye raiser.

After a hit and run incident in Southern California he was charged with possessing methamphetamine but has denied this ina recent interview with an Australian music site, claiming that he is, in fact, “a total teetotaller”.

“You can read about it in the news, I was charged with felony and whacked in jail with five thousand dollar bail. If you read the police reports you will see that my drug tests were completely clean. It’s not clear where the meth came from, but I can tell you that I have never touched the stuff.”

The singer admits that there was an accident involving him but that he didn’t ‘run’ as he parked further down the road.

“The judge saw it was a mess but the DA was more persistent in pursuing the charges. It was the judge who reduced the charges provided I pleaded guilty to the lesser charges and did some community work. Everyone just assumes that I’m an evil, drug taking, blood-sucking vampire rockstar. The reality is that I am a total teetotaller.”

In October. Murphy was sentenced to three years’ probation and 45 days of Narcotics Anonymous meetings.


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  1. The place “parked down the road” is an eight minute drive with no traffic. He was followed all the way there by an eye witness who saw how erratically he was driving. Terrible excuse!

  2. Peter Murphy parked really close and has never used drugs I saw him just hours before the incident, and he was totally sober.


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