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In a recent interview in the USA where he is touring the Bauhaus set, the band’s former frontman Peter Murphy has claimed that Bauhaus are more important than Joy Division and embraced godfather of Goth tag.

Rock history has been meddled with a lot since the two bands were in existence so to many serious scholars of the form his claim about being more important than Joy Division could be construed as being outrageous but in terms of influence out there in the real music world he could well have appoint…

The fill interview is printed below…

Since Bauhaus first disbanded in 1983, Murphy has produced nine solo albums. And his solo work spawned singles in the ’90s like “Cuts You Up” that rival the popularity of any Bauhaus song. However, he remains indebted to the creativity of Bauhaus and embraces titles like “The Godfather of Goth” despite an aversion to labels.

“On one hand, I love it because I say, ‘Well, of course. Thank you very much. At last. Well, thank goodness. It’s about time you realize who I was.’ And then I think about goth now, and I say, ‘I’m sorry, kids. I’m not a monster goth. I’m not Lux… whatever his name was [Interior of the Cramps?]. I’m not like some Jagger wannabe, Iggy Pop. I’m not Bowie, who’s just past it. I’m more what they could have been.

“Ignore these names, and I’m just me, thank you very much, and we’re just goth. That’s why we didn’t talk much about it… I am a performer.”

Ultimately, though, Murphy still goes back to Bauhaus’ music. And he is performing this tour of Bauhaus music, he says, because it’s a part of him that continues to inform his creative process as a solo artist. Over the years, the band had enjoyed several reunion tours from the end of the ’90s and into 2006, with the studio album Go Away White, which would prove the end of the band for good.

“We traveled different universes, them as Love and Rockets and me as me, for 12, 15 years,” he says of his mates. “So we didn’t have that new vitality.

“Once the other members of Bauhaus had made it clear they couldn’t keep up with me, they were past it, it was untenable to keep the band together. It was the final death gasp as us four individuals. That left me carrying the flag for the first time, in my heart, in my soul.”

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