Peter Hook is planning a ’12 foot high’ statue of Tony Wilson to straddle Manchester Salford borderKick over the statues as someone once sang has been reversed with the plans to build a memorial for Tony Wilson.

Peter Hook told the manchester Evening news that he is planning a12 foot high statue of Tony Wilson and has launched a fund to pay for it.

Hook told the Manchester Evening News “The main problem with getting a statue up is that everybody expects the council to pay for them, but then they don’t want a statue at the expense of their bins being emptied.
So my idea is to get fans, supporters, of all the bands that Tony helped, to pay for this statue – so it will be the fans who own it too.

The idea is for it to straddle the border – one foot in Salford and one foot in Manchester – just as Tony did in life.”

Would Tony have wanted a statue? what do you think?

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  1. Would Tony have wanted a statue? Perhaps not. But then again, how often do the supposed wishes of the deceased get taken into consideration in these matters? Usually becomes more about the wishes of the living.
    Personally, as long as it is privately funded, let them put it up… why bother arguing about it?

  2. It’s one of those questions you never get round to asking when you’ve got the chance isn’t it. He was an extraordinary character who did an extraordinary thing that changed the lives of all of us who loved Factory. It was totally unlike any other Record Label and it was involved with the cities in a way I can’t find the words for. There’s feature films, books, myths and legends and if Hookie feels like he wants to do this then of course he should. Who can say if it’s right or wrong, there’s no absolute answer to a question like that, the best answer is if he can get the money to do it then it should be done. If we build it then they will come, I heard someone say something similar once.

  3. With his ‘let it go, darling’ philosophy, I’m unsure if a statue is what he would have wanted explicitly. However, I definitely think that is easier said than done. I certainly have a hard time letting him go, and I wasn’t even alive for the most part of his career. What I do have is a devout love of my city that Wilson justified through everything he did, and for that loyalty he is my idol. I’ve been pushing for something like this at MediaCityUK or somewhere similar for a long time and I’m over the moon that this proposal is being taken seriously. I hate to think that children are being brought up in Manchester not knowing anything about who he is or what he did for us. Thank you Peter Hook, on behalf of Manchester and other proud northern folk! A great man deserves great honour x


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