Peter Higgs Win Nobel Prize For Theorising Higgs Boson ParticleYou may be asking why we are writing a story about an 84 year old scientist, but you can’t get any more pop cultural than a British scientist who spent the swinging sixties theorising about the Higgs Boson particle – the most basic and tiniest particle – and a building block of the universe & the basic particle that explained mass in the universe.

The boson explains why other elementary particles – the basic building blocks of the Universe – have mass.

It may seem somewhat irrelevant as the dash for new music and pop culture kicks but this tiny particle and its mind blowing strangeness and limitless scope, somehow makes it more mind boggling than the strangest of musics. So we here at Louder Than War salute the brilliant mind of a scientist who was further out there than any day tripper on LSD in the sixties, someone who spent that decade in outer space instead of inner space and left a far bigger mark on humanity with far fewer decibels.

Of course we here at Louder Than War are obsessed by such heavy matters of space and time and are constantly immersed in universal stuff and the Higgs Boson particle is brilliant in that it creates even more questions in the quest to understand everything. Whilst Peter Higgs theorised it back in the sixties it was only just recently created at the CERN project in Switzerland and celebrated at the recent gig by the Membranes called the Universe Explained.

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