About bleeding time…

The return one of the great voices and great songwriters Pete Wylie is happening.

Wylie is set to return with a batch of new songs and is asking for your help. This record must come out as he is one of the greats and still has one of the purest rock n roll voices,,,

Here are the instructions he sent us on how to Pledge…

My friends,

I won’t lie to you.

This ‘Part Time Rockstar, Full Time Legend’ schtick is all well and good.

But now I need to make and release “Pete Sounds”, a collection of new songs like but unlike my previous oeuvre. I haven’t made a record this century!

So I am extending to you this Pledge Plea.

And I can’t make it without you … this is literally true. I have neither the independent wealth [If Public Enemy were ‘Back By Dope Demand’, I am ‘Back By Final Demand’…] nor the reason / will to do it without y’all. [Imagine making music, and nobody listening!] There will be music, free treats, surprises, updates, news and, finally, PETE SOUNDS.

So I come to you guitar in hand. And with open heart to request your participation in this My PledgeMusic Project. And I give you my PledgeMusic Promise.

You will not be disappointed!


Pete wylie

More info at these links: pbjmgt.co.uk/artist/pete-wylie and pbjmgt.co.uk.

You can also find Pete on Facebook and he tweets as @petewylie.

finally, Pete’s website is here: petewylie.co.uk and he’s possibly Tom’s only remaining mate on Myspace.



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