Pete Fij and Terry Bickers have released one of the albums of the year – here’s their top 10 favourite albums







Pete Fij and terry Bickers are just about to release one of the most captivating albums of this year, the former indie renegades and Creation label mates Pete Fij (Adorable / Polak) and Terry Bickers (House of Love / Levitation) have teamed up to make an acosutic album that is darkly and poetically beatuful with shades of a late night Johnny Cash, Simon & Garfunkel & The Velvet Underground but with a very English take.
Broken Heart Surgery is a back from the dead triumph that we insist you check out on release in July.

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Terry Bickers’ Top 10 albums:

‘Relics’ – Pink Floyd.
This is a compilation of their early work which contains two of my favourite Syd Barrett songs Arnold Layne and See Emily Play plus some lovely post Syd period psych melancholia on side two particularly the song Julia Dream.




‘Drop’ – The Shamen
In their early days the Shamen were a band that were influenced by 1960’s psychedelic groups. This album has many moments where it sounds like a pastiche of the genre it was influenced by but it is done with such style that it goes far beyond being retro. This was made when they were a psych-indie band before their move into dance music. Great songs here with a slightly low-fi edge, awesome arrangements and production.




‘Crocodiles’- Echo & The Bunnymen
When I hear this I’m transported back to being 16 years old in my regulation Bunnymen fan overcoat. Another psychedelia inspired band. Great songs, production and performances.




‘The Bends’ – Radiohead
I think this album is their jewel in the crown; every song on it is a gem. I also really like their album Hail To The Thief.



‘The Sea Nymphs’ – The Sea Nymphs
The genius that is Tim Smith, Sarah Smith and William D. Drake. A work of beauty and wonder. 




‘Deserter’s Songs’ – Mercury Rev
I love the soundtrack quality of this record. I think that the interludes between songs are very atmospheric. The female backing vocals on the song Endlessly is very evocative and the bowed saw on Holes is a touch of genius. A beautiful haunting record.




‘Exile’- Geoffrey Oryema
This record reminds me of a particular time in my life which I reflect on with fondness. It is strong on atmosphere and I like the creative use of minimal instruments and voices. There are some interesting vocal montages also.




‘Lazer Guided Melodies’ – Spiritualized
Another psychedelic tinged album, there seems to be theme emerging in this top 10! I’ve often had misgivings about the drug references and seeming glamorisation of this in some of Jason Pierce’s lyrics but that does not take anything away from the quality of this album.



‘Parallel Lines’ – Blondie
Great songs and arrangements. The female singers are a bit thin on the ground in this list. I love Siouxie Sioux, Nina Simone and P.J. Harvey but they did not make it to the top 10.



‘Ray’s And Hail’ – Magazine
From a young age I loved Howard Devoto’s vocal delivery and lyrics. For me he articulated things I felt but could not say. I have chosen this compilation because it shows the bands development from their Punky roots to semi-progressive tinged epics such a Back To Nature.



For Pete Fij’s top 10 albums please go here

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