Pete Doherty jailed for 6 months

Pete Doherty has been jailed for six months for cocaine possession. With a long list of convictions this was almost inevitable but it makes the drug policy in the UK look pretty stupid.

Doherty obviously has a problem. He needs help. Not being stuck in prison which has more drugs than anywhere in the UK. Trapped in the endless cycle of the drug bohemian lifestyle, the singer is in an even worse position now.

Drugs are boring. It takes aces years to work this out. The rock n roll is the real euphoria but being a junkie is a sickness not a crime and as long as the UK drinks and smokes itself to death and some politicians enjoy a line or two then there is no clear message apart from hypocrisy.
Doherty is being crucified for the sins of others.
The real tragedy is that Doherty will be remembered for his drugs and tabloid scrapes and not for his music.

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  1. Do you have any evidence to show that there are more drugs in prison that anywhere else in the UK? This sounds like the ramblings of a failed NME writer. All the big UK prisons have good drug rehabilitation programs. Besides all that, Doherty’s music is shite anyway. No one would be particularly interested in him if he didn’t lead this kind of lifestyle.

  2. Doherty’s hardly the first pop star to be famous for his chemical perferences. The reason why he’ll only be remembered for his drug intake and run-ins with the law is that his music is, and always has been, so desperately average and forgettable.

  3. Des and Sanelynch…the many people who rate ‘Up the Bracket’ as one of their favourite albums would disagree with you. He’s written more good songs over the last ten or so years than the vast majority of his peers

  4. I live in Oregon…I was a fan of Pete Doherty’s music long before I heard about any of his “lifestyle choices”. Just sayin’…..

  5. “The real tragedy is that Doherty will be remembered for his drugs and tabloid scrapes and not for his music.”

    Nah, the real tragedy is his “music”

    • is this Donagh O’Leary as in the London/Dublin music guy who pretends he’s famous but no-one outside of his circle has heard of him?

      • I totally agree about Donagh, he is the biggest loser and sad act I’ve spoken to in a long time! He thinks he’s amazing, he doesn’t know everyone who’s had the “pleasure” of speaking to him laughs at him A LOT!

    • Have you always been a dick ‘Donna’ or is it just in your adulthood! Oh the things you don’t know about!! Listen do everyone a favour and go hide somewhere so no one has to listen to you again eh? Thanks douchebag!

  6. Sanelynch ..Doherty’s music is shite anyway..I think you missed out the “in my opinion bit” otherwise you could easily get confused with Piers Morgan or Sun journo

  7. Donagh ditto,its good to know there is someone like you who knows the opinions of everyone, maybe all the people who go to his gigs solo, Libertines, Babyshambles are forced to go to them at gunpoint and would much rather go and see the band that you would like them to see

  8. “If music be the food of love…play on”
    Duke Orsino
    Twelth Night.

    Coccaine is the poison of love.
    So why do people think that this and music go together?

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