Pendulum split

Festival faces and the kind of band that really annoy some people whilst creating a massive muddy mosh pit with their fusion of rock dynamic and drum and bass beats Pendulum have split up with the band’s Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen focusing instead on their new Knife Party project.

All was revealed when Swire has changed his twitter bio recently to announce that there will be no more Pendulum shows and that an album is not on the cards for 2013 as previously announced.

This was underlined in a recent interview when he said…

“The Knife Party thing is going so well we don’t really feel like going back to junior school anytime soon. We’re having too much fun with this project. It’s also great because Pendulum towards the end sort of felt like we were doing it because we had to and that’s never a fun way to do music. Whereas Knife Party is pretty much solely us doing what we want to and if no one likes it we don’t care.”

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