Pauline Murray from Penetration’s top 10 favourite albums



This album is more of a guilty pleasure but having said that, it’s a great album. It was released when I was about 13 years old and I heard it at the time but didn’t pick it up again till many years later. Carole King is a highly skilled songwriter having written many of the hits of 1960’s, girl groups (Will you still love me tomorrow, One Fine Day).  The songs on Tapestry resonate emotionally, (So Far Away) and her fragile voice and piano playing make it very strong. It still sounds fresh after 43 years. She is truly a female who has operated in the male dominated music industry without having pander to the female artist stereotype. Tapestry is unpretentious and relies on her song writing skills with great music and vocal performances.

For number 1 in Pauline’s top 10 favourite albums please go here</strong>



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