Pauline Murray from Penetration’s top 10 favourite albums : number 4


The first time I heard this album, I remembered the line- “oh the snot has caked against my pants- it has turned into crystal”, which was a very unusual lyric! The more you play the album the better it gets and it has become one of my all time favourites. The music is a testament to the vision of the late Arthur Lee and is an intricate work with sporadic drums, acoustic and electric guitars, trumpets and orchestration. I was lucky enough to see Arthur Lee perform these songs, with a pick up band, a few years before he died and it was fantastic!

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  1. Great choices but it seems very unfair to describe the musicians who played as ‘Love’ with Arthur Lee for over a decade before he died as a ‘pick up band’. They were all bloody excellent musicians and, it must be said, played as ‘Love’ far longer than anyone else did. They still, in fact, play with Johnny Echols (Love’s original guitarist) to this day. Credit where credit is due.

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