Paul Simonon cooks tea for Greenpeace and gets arrested
Paul Simonon cooks tea for Greenpeace and gets arrested

The Clash were always famous for having some sort of social concious and it seems as they get older they prepared to go even further. Mick Jones is doing the ‘Justice Tonight’ Tour whilst fellow Clash man Paul Simonon has been getting arrested on board the Greenpeace ship.

Today Greenpeace, an organisation we fully support, revealed that Paul Simonon, former bassist for The Clash, went undercover on the Greenpeace ship Esperanza earlier this year during its campaign against Arctic oil drilling.

During his time on the ship Simonon’s identity remained a mystery, known to his fellow crew members as simply “Paul the assistant cook”. The current The Good, the Bad and The Queen member was amongst a team of 18 activists who scaled an oil rig in the Arctic demanding to see the oil company’s oil spill response plan.

Simonon and his fellow protesters were eventually arrested by Greenland police and thrown into jail for two weeks where Paul continued to cook for his fellow inmates!

Simonon talks for the first time about his exploits and experiences on board in this exclusive video.

More information on the Greenpeace blog

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