3) Clem Burke

Another fantastic live drummer who really came into his own in the studio. Clem Burke, like most conspicuously talented musicians, really shines when he’s content to serve the song. Apparently it was producer Mike Chapman who convinced him it was more important to stay in time than show-off (shame no-one ever told Keith Moon the same) and for that we can be eternally grateful. It could be argued that a ‘disco’ track like ‘Heart of Glass’ doesn’t really need prominent drum fills at all, but few could contend that Clem’s salvo of increasingly flash rolls as the song begins to fade don’t massively add to its enduring appeal.

For number 4 in Paul Hanley’s top 10 drummers please go here




  1. Great list .. Especially agree on Burns, Maher, Stephen Morris. Personally I’d take out your number 3 and 10 and replace with Donald Johnson and Kenny Morris.


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