2) John Maher

Shelley/Diggle may have wrote the tunes, but Steve Garvey and John Maher’s contribution to Buzzcocks’ best tracks cannot be overestimated. (Imagine ‘Pulsebeat’ without the drums or ‘Real World’ minus that bass line, then wonder why they didn’t get a song writing credit.) Maher’s energy and commitment can even make work songs such as ‘Mad Mad Judy’ worth a second listen. It’s also worth noting that John Maher, like Ringo, had the good fortune to produce the bulk of his recorded work under the auspices of a producer who could really bring out the best in a drum kit, in this case Martin Rushent. This is particularly evident on the track below – ‘Why Can’t I Touch It?’ (listen to that rimshot at 02:48 – sublime.)

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