Pathos, Pathos

Pathos, Pathos

Pathos, Pathos

‘Pet Names’ EP


Out 08/07/16


Pathos, Pathos are an indie rock four piece band from Florida. ‘Pet Names’ is their second EP and first since their debut LP ‘Familiar Homes’. This five track EP is expansive both its length and range. Veering between twee indie pop and rocky outbursts of agonised hurt and longing, Pathos, Pathos have created an infectious EP full of angsty yet catchy tunes.

Opening track and lead single ‘Summer Nights’ starts with a jingly jangly guitar that is very Wedding Present. This then moves onto a lovely groovy bass and guitar line that combined with Matt Walsh’s falsetto lead vocals, mid song stabby guitars and a call and response lyrics, hint at Vampire Weekend oddness. ‘Summer Nights’ is what the band describes as an “in-your-face break up song”. I’m assuming that the next track ‘Devil’ hints at further inspiration from this failed relationship? It has a guitar line that is very reminiscent of the gorgeous Spinto Band classic ‘Mandy’. The lovely vocals combined with the sexy breakdown and change of tempo mid song indicates that all may not be lost for this relationship. Nice stuff.

‘Always in love’ follows quickly and it is then that I realise who Pathos, Pathos remind me the most of. Weezer! Romantic and slow Weezer, but with the tongue in cheek cheekiness that immediately ingratiates you with them. They have the same BIG SOUND now and then, yet the same ability to tone it down for effect. ‘Always in love’ even has an Elvis inspired mid song spoken word interlude that again shows this band’s romantic, yet quirky side.

‘Back at the start’ and the eponymously titled track ‘Pet Names’ end the EP and are both great catchy and upbeat tunes with great guitar riffs and a danceable popiness. As far as I know, Pathos, Pathos are yet to come over this side of the pond, but when they do, be sure to check them out. Good stuff.

US Tour Dates

July 8th: Orlando, FL, Spacebar EP Release/Tour Kick-off Show
July 8th – August 2nd: East Coast Tour


Pathos, Pathos can be contacted via their website or Facebook. They also tweet as @Pathos_Pathos

By Ioan Humphreys. More writing by Ioan Louder Than War can be found at his author’s archive.

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