top 50 new bands for 2012
top 50 new bands for 2012

Part one of Louder Than War's Top 100 albums of the year
Part one of Louder Than War's Top 100 albums of the year number 80 to 100
Here’s the first part of the LTW! Top 100 albums of 2011.

These lists are a nightmare and there has been a lot of hand wringing here compiling this.

There is still time to change the other 80 places though! Please fire away your suggestions – we would love to know who you would want to see in the lsit!

80. Yuck ”“ ‘Yuck’ (Mercury/London)
Return to the indie values of of Dinosaur Jnr and Teenage Fan Club- you know, great tunes and loads of noisy guitars

81. Okkervil River – I Am Very Far (Jagjaguwar)
Okkervil River are a band who will never get the same kind of sycophantic media fellatio as Fleet Foxes; something that is dreadfully unfair as their soft melodies are ten times as warm and organic as anything their more feted contemporaries have ever proved capable of. Heartbreaking record.

82. Talib Kweli Gutter Rainbows (Duck Down)
Brooklyn based hip hop artist and poet

83. Vivian Girls – ‘Share the Joy’ (Polyvinyl Records)
Post lo-fi tunesmiths

84. Zounds – The Redemption of Zounds’ (Overground)
After 30 years anarcho punk underground heros return with an album that makes time disappear with a set of perfectly crafted, punk tinged classics.

85. Raekwon – ‘Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang’ (Ice H2O Records)
Return to an old skool of kung fu smaples and dark mutant hip hop martial art weirdness from Wu-Tang mainstay

86. Thurston Moore – ‘Demolished Thoughts’ (Matador)
Still cutting it outside the mothership with less freaked out guitar spew and more mellow moments.

87. …And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead – ‘Tao of the Dead’ (Superball)
Texan noiseniks on great guitar bending form

88. Arctic Monkeys Suck It and See(Domino Records)
Growing older and noisier and straying further from their indie roots with another crafted collection of songs.

89. Male Bonding – ”ËœEndless Now’ (Sub Pop)
Slacker racket from Dalson London band who know how to crank the fuzz pedal trip

90. Control ”ËœPunk Rock Ruined My Life’ (Step 1 Music)
With the same title as the working title of a book that LTW! boss John Robb has been working on for a couple of years Control take street punk up a level with extra ferocity and smarter than usual lyrics. They toured the UK with the Old Firm Casuals and are rumoured to be touring with Rancid.

91. Tim Hecker – ‘Ravedeath, 1972’ (Kranky)
Dark ambient atmospheric drones

92. Blanck Mass – So Outta Reach (Rock Action Records)
Tripped out electronic soudscsapes.

93. Balam Acab – Wander/Wonder (Tri Angle)
There’s dark and murky, and then there’s this. It makes the Death in Vegas record sound like ELO, so impenetrable is its gloom. Listening to this alone at night is as eerie an experience as you’ll get from an album this year.

94. Death in Vegas – Trans Love Energies (Portobello Records Ltd)
A roomy and sparse album that sounds as though it could easily have been recorded in outer space. Yes the computer effects can occasionally be cheesy, but ZX Spectrum issues aside, this is a wonderful album.

95. Low – C’mon (Sub Pop)
Possibly the most accessible Low have been in their 18-year history; it’s still a sly take on the grunge scene they always tried so hard to be above. This has now been peppered with anthemic hooks which occasionally threaten to break out into slowcore riffs.

96. The War on Drugs – Slave Ambient (Secretly Canadian)
Low-fi almost ambient rock, echoing The Smashing Pumpkins back when they were, y’know, decent. A brilliant antidote to those who claim that shoegaze = depressing, as uplifting as anything the genre has produced since Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space

97. Shabazz Palaces -”ËœBlack Up’ (Sub Pop)
Glorious disclocation from first hip hop act to be signed to ex grunge label Subpop is odd soundscapes and aural dislocation like Flying Lotus meets dubstep freakery.

98. The Cool Kids ”ËœWhen Fish Ride Bicycles’ (Cake Recordings)
Goofy hip hop fun with that tripped out wackoid groove of stoner, surrealistic tomfoolery.

99. David Lynch ”“ ‘Crazy Clown Time’ (Sunday Best)
You’d be hard pressed to describe the auteur as a clown, but you’d have to be at least slightly crazy to think of doing an electropop/heavy blues hybrid record. Honestly, it works.

100.The Low Anthem”“ ‘Smart Flesh’ (Bella Union)
Dylan may not have released an album this year, but his spirit is captured perfectly in this Woodstocky record straight out of the 70s alt country scene.

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  1. my Top 5 oF tHe yEar
    5 arctic monkeys-suck it…..
    4 phoenix foundation-buffalo
    3 pj harvey-let england shake
    2 magazine-now thyself.
    1 steve kilbey & ricky maymi-david neil the wilderness years


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