14. The Futureheads ”˜Hounds Of Love’ – Initially written and performed by Kate Bush, the track describes being afraid to fall in love and compares this felling to being pursued by a pack of hounds.

15. The Magnetic Fields ”˜Fido, Your Leash Is Too Long’ ”“ It’s the enigmatic Magnetic Fields, do you really expect to understand what this ones about?

“Fido, your leash is too long
I don’t know where I went wrong
You scare me out of my wits
When you do that Shitzhu
Fido, your leash is too long”

16. Arcade Fire ”˜Neighbourhood #2 (Laika)” ”“ Apparently the central character in this track is a child who should have been named after the first living being in space; Laika who was sent into orbit by Russian scientists in 1957 ”“ sadly Laika did not survive the journey. Laika is the russian word for ‘barker’…

17. The Meteors ”˜Dog Eat Robot’ ”“ Form the deranged pen of P. Paul Fenech, this cheery ditty appeared on the bands 1986 album ”˜Teenagers From Outer Space’

18. Johnny Cash ”˜Dirty Ol’ Egg Suckin Dog’ – The Man In Black tells the inmates of Folsom Prison how he is going to “stomp his head in the ground” referring to his own dog which he caught stealing his chickens!

19. Skinny Puppy ”˜K-9′ ”“ The Canadian industrial giants could really have a ”˜Dog’ Top 5 all of their own, their name, the tracks ”˜Dog Shit’, and ‘Raw Dog’, and this anti-vivisection number.

20. Christian Death ”˜Dogs’ ”“ Despite being called ”˜Dogs’ the word never actually appears in this charmingly melody from Rozz Williams and Co. ”“ though apparently “You’re going to die and go straight to hell”

part one of top 20 songs about dogs is here…

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