Ian Dury and the Blockheads 

New Boots and Panties 

Some journalist stated erroneously some years ago that throw away artist Kate Nash wrote lyrics equal to those of Ian Dury. Utter bollocks, Ian Dury clearly spent weeks writing some of the lines here

for example

“When I was with a woman

She’d have to learn to cherish

The purity and death of my disdain’

The album proper punk played with the best funk soul backing band in the country. Ian Dury was massively charismatic, made his disability sexy and projected the alienated the other to front stage with a combination of rudeness and very English vaudeville. Characters like Clever Trevor and Billericay Dickie are just as infamous as Paul McCartney’s creations in the English cannon

Arcade Fire 


Romantic left-brain music, influenced by multi instrumentalists and literature. Original and literate the song incorporates genres like Rock , Folk and Haitian and medieval influences Lyrically it plays with ideas such as childhood fantasies wear wolves and of course mortality. Ambitious in its range, it’s far fro 3-minute pop songs

8 Devo 

Are We Not Men, We are Devo 

Produced by Brian Eno, this album has plenty to make rock aficionados annoyed whether its ‘Uncontrollable Urge’ where they speed up Zeppelin’s ‘Black Dog’ Riff and supplant Robert Plants penal obsessions by hints and boasts at how small their member is  ‘“so small. got to tell you all about it ‘

The superficially offensive ‘Mongaloid’ and their take on the Stone’s ‘Satisfaction’ (which was the first version of this song that I ever heard) are classics. Deeply anti jock they were Nerd central before Hollywood mainstream gave Nerd’s an $800 hair cut and central starring place in films. It’s anti rock really. ‘Are we not men?’ is a guest track suggesting that evolution and human development are going in reverse, that we are going from great acts of civilisation (language, tolerance, architecture0 back to being worms, a record that can make you move squirm and laugh in equal measures.

9 Thin Lizzy

Live and Dangerous 

It’s an industry joke that this double live album is thanks to copious overdubs on all instruments actually neither very live nor dangerous.

Probably not a very fashionable record to include, but i love it. I was once listening to it very loud in my car while driving around a small village in Cornwall, I turned it down n case I upset any one ! That’s how live and dangerous it is, the guitar solos and implied Irish nationalism sentiments on some of the songs may surprise some detractors who judge the record without hearing it.


John Cale and Lou Reed 

Songs for Drella

An album biography of Andy Warhol. It’s worth deconstructing how Cale and Reed dissect/describe Warhol’s life in each song into separate chapters on each big subject of the pop artists life. 1 Early LIfe 2 New York 3 Work ethic 4 net working 5 films 6 fame 7 exploiting others 8 stabbing 9 death 10 retirement because you could base ant work of art, essay on the surgical way they treat his life. Musically its just vocals guitar and mandolin. Great art about a great artist.



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