6. Dee Dee Ramone:


The Ramones were rock and roll, end of story. People may look at what they're doing and say, “that's easy”, but it really isn't. It takes total conviction and stamina to play bass like that for a whole set, and not drop a beat, or give in to an aching wrist. Everything in the Ramones was perfect and you couldn't replace any of them and have it sound the same. Dee Dee set the goalpost for most punk bass players today.




7. Paul Mccartney:


It's undeniable, the contribution to music Paul Mccartney has made. To write such melodic lines which don't need to be overplayed. Lines that create huge opportunity for the rest of the band to take the music to a higher place, yet still give it space. He wasn't afraid to keep it simple sometimes, and if you find yourself humming a beatles track, it's probably the bassline that's in you head. Its a similar thing with John Entwhistle..some of his basslines are the most memorable part of The Who's songs. A truly inventive player.




8. Jah Wobble:


He's just all about the music, he does none of the ego trip thing. He takes chances and sets himself apart from other players. His sound is unmistakable. I like where he's coming from, spiritually, and musically. I love the early stuff he did with PiL too. Plus anyone who can do hours of playing on one of those Ovation Magnum basses is a hero, they weigh a tonne.




9. Phil Lynott:


His bass sound was synonymous with Thin Lizzie. He was amazing. To get up there and front a band as good as that and hold it down on bass too. RIP Phil.




10. Jerry Scheff:


Jerry was Elvis's bass player, who the Doors brought in when they recorded LA Woman. What he brought to that album was perfect. I'm not sure you need to add much more to the Doors to improve them, but I think it freed up the others to concentrate on what they needed to do. That record wouldn't sound the same without him. There is so much space on a lot of that album, it's very intense. Take 'Riders on a Storm' for e.g..everyone knows that one, but if you really listen to it, it's a total education of 'less is more' from a bass point of view. Not that you need a reason to listen to that album!

part one of top 10 bass players is here






  1. No Jack Bruce. Wow. Crossroads by cream. 1 of many classics by the the band. Also Eric Clapton on guitar. Ginger Baker drums. Classic timeless music


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