part one of B Movie’s top 10 albums is here

Henryk Mikolaj Górecki – Symphony of Sorrowful Songs
Amazing and emotional piece about the Holocaust victims. Made me pull the car over and listen when I first heard it on the radio.

Wire – Chairs Missing
Post punk masterpiece. Melodic, atmospheric, disturbing and funny. A big influence on early B-Movie.

Joy Division – Closer
Melancholic grandeur, at turns violent, tender, sometimes stunningly beautiful. Post Curtis suicide it was even more poignant. Great use of technology too.

Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark – Self Titled Debut
There was something soulful about the sound that grabbed you. The songs were perfect synth pop but the bass guitar added another dimension

Ultravox! – Ha Ha Ha
The final album by the John Foxx led Ultravox!, where producer Conny Plank fused their glam rock and punk guitars with electronics,creating an atmosphere of disconnection and observation.



part one of B Movie’s top 10 albums is here


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