Part 2 of the Louder Than War new bands of 2013 list (number 26 to 50)

26.  Sinkane

Afro-futurist artist who creates freeform and far-out funk.

LTW on Sinkane

27. Joey Forre

Joey Forre are ‘a knot of distorted rhythms and playful melodies veiled under the grungy haze of lo-fi recording, which swells with the DIY ethics found in the heyday of ’80s and ’90s grunge.

Joey Fourr soundcloud

28. Chips For The Poor

Ok, so not exactly a new band as they’ve been around since 2011 but 2013 is, we hope, to be their year. Curious & in yer face indie reminiscent of those ’80s “death to trad rock” bands Peel (and we) used to love.

29. Toucans

More lo-fi action…

Toucans soundcloud

30. Braxton Hicks

Punk band- our reviewer wrote “Braxton Hicks got on and slammed ‘Never Kill Yourself, Macho Man, Gone Fishin? and Get Outta My Head’ in ten minutes; not a beat misplaced! Plenty of bass notes all over the place though ha ha but it was a great buzz.”

31. The Howling Owl Collective of bands

Consider this at least half a dozen “new bands for 2013” in one. The Bristol based label, Howling Owl, are gonna smash it big time in 2013. Not only do they include Louder Than War favourites Falling Stacks but they’re also the home of Spectres, The Naturals, GUMM, Velcro Hooks, Oliver Wilde AND MANY, MANY MORE, all of whom should be household names by the end of next year. They gave away an album of tunes for Xmas with bands on their roster covering other bands on their roster. Grab all 11 tracks for nowt over here.

LTW on Falling Stacks.

32. Lost Avenue

The trio from Derry are a youthful three piece who ‘tore it up with firebrand songs that were laced with great melodies. Kinda like a punk rock, rock n roll band- the Undertones but more rock n roll, it was slipshod and thrilling and perfect teenage garage music. This was a band that will be massive.’

LTW on Lost Avenue

33. Malawi Mouse Boys

Gentle African band brought to you by the same people who rep Tinariwen.

34. Positronik

Electropop from Salford, New Order-esque bass lines and female vocals, ‘they were stunning at The Kings Arms recently’ according to our man.

35. Gnarwolves

Melodic hardcore band with some great catchy songs guaranteed to get any mosh pit punching the air and bundling about like crazy.

36. Hookworms

Fantastic mental prog from Leeds.

LTW on Hookworms

37. Doldrums

Montreal experimental popster. If Grimes were a boy he might well be Doldrums.

LTW on Doldrums

38. Happa

Fifteen-year-old Leeds based producer sensation discovered by Mary Anne Hobbs in the same week as the CERN boffins confirmed the existence of the god particle. Safe to say both have the same amount of energy.

39. Kult Country

Manchester’s answer to The Spacemen 3 – check their Facebook page here.

40. Teleman

Moshi Moshi indie kids majoring in echoing guitars, drums and synths. Whatever ‘majoring’ means.

41. Ratking

Another US Hiphop collective with a touch of the Odd Future madness about them.

LTW write up on Ratking

42. Ides

Ides has a growing collection of introspective but insistent songs from Joanna Gruseome singer (check number 52 for our JG tip), and former Evans the Death bassist, Alanna McArdle. They may be delicate with edgy but barely there melodies but they’re also raw in tone and sometimes canny, sometimes caustic lyric.

LTW on Ides

43. Saint Lou Lou

From ’80s pop influences like Cocteau Twins and Everything But The Girl to ’90s chillwave / triphop like Morcheeba and Massive Attack Saint Lou Lou are blending some beautiful, soothing and timeless dream pop. If you like ambient electro pop with an international and vintage feel this is very probably for you.

44. Bitches

London band BITCHES (great name eh? not gonna forget that are you?) first came onto my radar back in the summer of 2010 in an interview they did for Loud And Quiet mag. Back then they were describing themselves as “thug pop”. They probably still are. It would be apt. They do play a kind of thugish pop.
I hesitate to write this but they might make you think they’re of an english version of Sleigh Bells.

LTW write about Bitches.

45. The Narrows

Manchester’s mental electronic guitar band, which saw 2012’s strange video shoot having the band and cohorts dressed as eyeballs on a centreline bus.

LTW write up on The Narrows

46. The Jelas

Twisted, distorted & massively fun edgy noisepop band. Look out for fun times.

47. One Thousand Suns

The end of 2012 hears One Thousand Suns self-releasing their debut album, Phenomenology, a long player of precision playing, intricate melodies and heavy instrumentals.

48. Tom Odell

Signed after playing just four gigs, announced as the Brits Critic’s Choice for next year and featured on the long list for the BBC Sound of 2013. With this in mind you could say the new year is looking pretty rosy for singer-songwriter Tom Odell who has been compared to Jeff Buckley and Coldplay’s Chris Martin.

49. Sex Hands

Glorious and life-affirming scuzzy garage-pop.

Sex Hands Tumblr

50. Syron

Daisy ‘Syron’ Russell has thrilled in 2012 with her take on ’90s dance, house and commercial pop. Signed to Black Butter Records next year should herald big things, not least the release of her debut album.

51. Dead Sons

Hypnotic howls, death drum rolls; organ buries deep within whilst melody embraces and enshrouds, bass moves mountains and guitars induce panic. This is disorientation; this is ‘DEAD SONS’. Championed back in their home town of Sheffield by the likes of The Arctic monkeys and Wet Nuns these desert rockers will release their debut album in Feb 2013. In the meantime check out the video for their most recent single ‘Hangman’ -

52. Joanna Gruesome

Not exactly a new band having been touring and self-releasing for more than 18 months however, having just signed to Fortuna POP! and a debut album due in 2013 it’s looking good that it will be a great year for them with some wider recognition of their grunge and punk influenced pop.

53. Taser Puppets

Great punk rock from Preston.

54. Mount Fabric

Great musicianship from this combo who have been compared to Radiohead at their best, After two singles an LP should be due.

55.  Typesun

Drummer and soulful, bass / experimental electronic artist. Very much of the moment so be sure to pick up his debut LP (Work Is Love Made Visible) when it drops early in the new year.

56. Ed Schrader’s Music Beat

Baltimore-based writer/comedian/punk conceptualist Ed Schrader has a new project, Ed Schrader’s Music Beat; that project will release an LP, Jazz Mind, on May 14 via Load in the U.S. (Upset the Rhythm will release the album abroad). The LP features contributions from Matmos and No Age’s Randy Randall, who contributes guitar and ambient noise to this under-two-minute basher.

57. For The Imperium

Based in Finland and are signed to Warner over there. Their debut album came out in their native country this year but it’s going to be released in the UK via Graphite Records (LostAlone, InMe) in the first 1/4 of 2013. Think Mike Patton, meets Dillinger Escape Plan with a hint of Coheed and Cambria. Check out the two videos below:

58. Poltergeist

Will and Les from the Bunnymens’ new psyche/prog combo…their facebook page is here…

59. Dirt Box Disco…making a big noise on the punk scene and already pulling a big crowd, Dirtbox Disco is the big T shirt on the UK punk scene this year.

There we go then – 59 bands and artists for you to get your ears around as we head into 2013. Let us know your thoughts, and your tips for new bands for the new year, by leaving a comment, joining the discussion on Facebook or tweeting with us.

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  1. You’ve missed Manchester band Ruby Tuesday. Saw them at academy 3 last month. Blew me and the mrs away. Expected to see them on here.

  2. You’ve also missed out Prose. Top Manchester MC who performs with his songwriuting/production team Lee Royle and David Stone. Gonna be huge…

  3. I know they’re not new but deserve a mention! Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats. Their album Bloodlust was fuckin ace!


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