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Paranoid Visions announce ‘Cryptic Cross Words’ album and release date…

Dublin based Paranoid Visions have today announced the details of their forthcoming album; ‘Cryptic Cross Words’ (LP (with CD)/CD/DL) will be released at the Rebellion Festival Friday 7th August 2015 when the band take to The Casbah Stage.

‘Cryptic Cross Words’ is the 5th album that Paranoid Visions have released since their 2006 reboot. Add to this the multitude of singles and a myriad of historical re-releases and compilations and it becomes clear that Paranoid Visions are a band who are not content to sit back and relax or attempt to trade on past glories. Indeed founder members Deko and P.A are of the opinion that there are no past glories with the recent releases being more reflective of what the band were about in the first place. Cryptic Cross Words, a culmination of a year’s recording and writing is an attempt to craft a specific album with a specific modus operandi.

With every release we have done, there has always been a compromise, and certain styles or genres we have wanted to explore have been almost achieved, but not executed the way we imagined them…until now”.

Paranoid Visions

Switching rhythm section and losing a backing vocalist in early 2014 gave the band the opportunity to form the perfect line up and create what the band believe is best album they have ever made.

As ever Paranoid Visions do not shy away from anything; lyrically the album tackles different subjects ranging from the Catholic Churches abuse of children, invasion in the Ukraine, sexual harmony, working culture and the voice of the downtrodden public on the verge of snapping. In the case of “Anagram Sam” the lyrics consist entirely of anagrams (Anagram Sam, he’s one of those NAMELESS SALESMEN, his LIFE is a FILE of anagrams, he’s the SENATOR for TREASON etc etc….you get the picture!!) whilst the albums closer, “baNAMA Republic” is a delicate slow building acoustic song spanning 7 minutes and sung by Aoife Destruction detailing the fall of the Irish economy and the corruption that facilitated it.

The album is an aesthetically beautiful white vinyl LP with free CD and 16 page booklet which includes a real cryptic cross word and word search on the sleeve (hint…the answers may all be song titles!) ‘Cryptic Cross Words’ will be released via Overground Records.

Advance orders are now being taken; A special advance pack containing LP (white vinyl) with free CD version and 16 page booklet, two patches, various badges, and an exclusive live in Belfast CD is available to order now – All advance orders will be posted to arrive 31st July 2015.

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  1. Finally seen this band to day in Hamilton Ontario Canada They were fu#K!#G Brilliant True punk at its best!


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