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Palma Violets Interview
2nd February 2013
Tokyo, Diver City

You can take it whichever way you want, silently sneer or vocally dispute as you please; it’s easy to be cynical. Yet sometimes those cyclones of hyperbole that eject out a new existence on to our musical landscape each year as: THE BEST NEW THING SINCE THE LAST NEW THING – actually delivers a bundle of impudence worth the imparting of our time, our attention and maybe indeed our – adoration: one such are London’s Palma Violets.

Backstage after their set at Hostess Club’s Weekender in Tokyo, at a table displaying the rider in the process of being enjoyed, sit the Palma Violets Sam Fryer, Chilli Jesson, Peter Mayhew and Will Doyle, introductions are dealt as Sam announces “We’re banned, well I’m banned from the internet.”

Chilli: We’re banned from the internet.

LTW: Why’s that?

Chilli: Too many funky sites

Sam: I find I need to make my opinion known – to the world

Chilli: Yer and he start’s fights on there, gets himself in a lot of trouble

LTW: Well means you had more time to concentrate on the album, what are we getting with 180?

Chilli: Jeunes

Sam: Fight

Chilli: Jeunes – it means youth in French. We tried to capture youth on this record and honest rock n roll – that’s my 2 cents.

Peter: Rock n roll has never been honest.

Chilli: For some people no: it’s contrived but I think our record is the real thing.

LTW: What experiences and inspirations did you drawn upon?

Chilli: What inspired us mostly was the environment where we wrote the songs, being 180 our place in Lambeth that was definatley an inspiration and the people there Tom and Jen …

Peter: The king and queen of Lambeth.

LTW: How was working with Steve Mackey?

Sam: He was amazing

Chilli: He made us feel really comfortable in the studio, allowed us to make mistakes

Sam: It was like a playground.

Chilli: Steve was just amazing…

Sam: All he wanted to do was capture us live on the record which we agreed with.

Chilli: It’s so daunting these recording studios and to be honest it was the best it could possibly have been. We’ve got a moment in time that was perfect, it won’t happen again – that’s it the greatest hits.

LTW: Is that the plan burn bright once and be done?

Peter: No we want to be like Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.

Sam: We are going to be 60 – 70 years of age and still be on top of our form.

Peter: We’ll just get better and better…

Sam: This is only the beginning, as a band we have only been here a year.

LTW: I that short time a lot has been written championing you: Do you feel any pressure to live up to that?

Sam: Not really live it to it, we just do what we are doing, and we actually enjoy it.

Peter: We’ve never said we are the best, that’s from other people.

Chilli: I don’t feel we have to deliver on what other people expect. As Sam said we doing what we love to do and at the end of the day and if someone does not like that, they can’t slate us for it.

Will: All we need to do is impress each other.

Chilli: And we are doing that really well.

Sam: Arrr thanks.

LTW: Starting this week the NME Tour back in the UK and the Teenage Cancer Trust gig at The Royal Albert Hall supporting Paul Weller in March.

Chilli: The Royal Albert Hall.

Sam: Paul Weller.

Peter: The NME Tour is going to be different because they are all stadium sized stages and we’ve only played smaller venues and intimate places.

Chilli: Yer, we’ll learn to play on a big stage.

LTW: Ready for The Royal Albert Hall.

Chilli: It’s going to be great, come to think of it; you always see bands with their live recordings Live at The Royal Albert Hall that’s impressive shit.

Sam: Wait we’re playing The Royal Albert Hall? I use to work there I got sack, I only made it there a week.

LTW: What did you do in that week?

Sam: I was working in one of those little boxes and it was not good, you (to Will) were working there with me too.

Peter: And now you get to go back there and be like look at me now.

LTW: There is some speculation that you could be the as yet unannounced support for The Stone Roses dates in Finsbury Park.

Chilli, Sam and Peter in unison: REALLY!

Sam: Fuck and I got my ticket and everything …

Chilli: Well we can safety say that we are. (The room erupts with laughter)

Sam: I mean if we say it … right.  It means we definatley will it’ll be like … … shits too late to change it now. I mean if their asking … THAT WILL BE NUTS – THAT’LL BLOW MY MIND!

Peter: That’s gonna be some gig.

LTW: So first time in Japan?

Chilli and Peter in unison: Yer! Fucking love Tokyo.

Sam: It’s incredible.

Peter: I have always wanted to come to Japan and it’s been amazing.

Chilli: It is nice to come to places and have that culture shock like your walking down the road and have no idea what that shop is what it’s selling or what the people are saying. I really do like Japan.

Will: We can here from America, dates in New York, Philadelphia, Boston, and Chicago …

Sam: In New York they were flipping nuts.

Peter: Philadelphia was the smallest crowd about forty people; apparently that was a big crowd for Philadelphia. We had wicked support bands especially in New York.

Will: There are spoiled for choice in New York, on the last night talking to this guy who’s going on that New Yorkers take it for granted in return I stared dissing London I felt so bad.

Peter: There were so many good bands out there, people are so real and honest they are just about the music and fun …

Sam: The souls been taken out of British bands …

Peter: I think that has something to do with what time bands play in the UK, in the US we would play at 12pm and the bar would close at 4am whereas in the UK it’s all over by 10:30 latest 11 that is it – all done.

Sam: Every night a fucking party over there.

LTW: In that case is it possible to recommendations anyone from London?

Sam: Yer Childhood

Will: Gabriel Bruce

Sam: They are who we love at the moment.

Will: …and Micachu, not so new but still there.

Peter: Oh we’re coming back to Japan in August for Summer Sonic.

LTW: Great along with Jake Bugg, Peace, Metallica, Muse, Linkin Park ……

(The room fills with cheers) Sam: Linkin Park now you’re talking.

LTW: … and The Stone Roses.

Will: We’ll be good mates by then.

LTW: So maybe Fuji Rock next year …

Sam: Which …… is nowhere near Fuji.

LTW: Well it was the first year but a typhoon shut it down, it’s dangerous being a rock star.

Chilli: It is really dangerous such as my heart being broken …

LTW: Do you like Palma Violets?

Sam: That’s why we’re a good band we love Palma Violets.

And with that they are off to meet and greet the amassed crowd outside.


Palma Violet join Peace, Django Django and Miles Kane on the NME Awards Tour, for a 13-date tour around the UK starting this Thursday, tickets are available now. The Cancer Trust date at The Royal Albert Hall on March 25th

Full details of all these Palma Violet date plus details of their European gigs, plus links to purchase tickets as well as news and videos please go the Palma Violets official website.

The Palma Violets debut album 180 (Rough Trade) is released on February 25th 2013 CD/LP/Download It is available for pre-order via Rough Trade Records.


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