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Here at Louder Than War we like bands with names that look like an owl face -so cute- than make a fearsome racket. And avant experimentalists OvO definitely fall into that category. For Louder Than War, Simon Tucker reviews their latest bewildering album.

Noise, beautiful noise, how you tease me so. Abisso is one of those types of album that your parents warned you about. On this album, Stefania Pedretti and Bruno Dorella have gone further and farther into the depths to unleash an album that is at once brutal yet also beautifully layered. Using more field recordings and drum machines, Abisso takes the template laid down by previous OvO releases and introduces a much more chaotic yet subtle sound. Opener, Harmonia Microcasmia lulls us in with a gentle and plaintive piano sequence before unleashing its full demonic glory introducing newcomers to the full sonic onslaught that is Ovo.

The ebb and flow of Abisso is perfectly judged with many tracks bleeding into each other with subtle but important changes to instrumentation, adding much needed breathers and changes of direction. Be warned though, this album is not for the faint hearted. At once sounding like Death Grips being fronted by Genesis P-Orridge, Abisso is an exercise in stamina and patience and one that will leave many an untrained listener screaming for the exit door. BUT, if you stick with it, Abisso reveals a romantic and melancholic edge that is not the norm in the genre with which this duo plies their trade. Tracks like, Pandemonio and Aeneis are, on the surface, incredibly noisy, yet underneath lies a gloriously sludgy rhythm section adding a much needed funk to proceedings and melodies that a listener can grab onto which can bring on a (nervous) laughter and a sense of freedom only being truly scared can recreate. The sense of bravado can also be felt on closer, Fame, which manages to sound like the first two bars of Lou Reed’s Berlin album stretched to over four minutes


Brutal? Yes. Extreme? Yes. Hard work? Most definitely, but above all these superficial tags, Abisso is an album that gets into your bloodstream and attacks the nervous system until there is no defense from is glorious noise. Do yourself a favor and give into the chaotic glory that is Abisso.


OvO have a website and are on Facebook. Obisso can be listened too and bought via their Bandcamp.

All words by Simon Tucker. for more of Simon’s writings for Louder Than War go to his author’s archive. You may also find him on Twitter as @simontucker1979.

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