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Glasgow’s Outblinker state that they would ‘like the opportunity to blow your face off with huge, cinematic driving krautrock: abrasive electro music with a throbbing punk-rock heart.’ Louder Than War’s Adrian Bloxham listened to their Pink/Blue EP released earlier this year and he isn’t disappointed.

Outblinker are from Glasgow, on their Facebook page they say that they ‘play music and aim to improve your life thusly.’ This EP is available either as a download or as a ten inch vinyl record and its bloody good. There are two tracks, one just over eleven minutes long and the other twelve. They are psychedelic, Kraut induced mind bending rock. Their tunes circle around and repeat as they breathe. The length of the tracks makes it easier to follow out the tunes to their conclusions; I imagine live they could just keep going.

Pink starts with a subtle electro pulse, that morphs into a brooding, throbbing sensual groove, repeating and spiralling off into the ether. It’s not straightforward, the way it shakes and moves makes you fall deep inside the sound. Intelligent and sharp, the music makes you move.

Blue is softer to start with but slowly and gradually grows in volume to a fractured, tortured vibe with a distorted nightmarish voice sampled over the top. It’s a brilliant piece of music, hard and spikey with odd sounds pinging off around the central groove. It grows louder and darker as the track progresses. For my money, it’s the better track of the two.They are a duo and for a duo make an immense circle of sound that breathes and resounds around the room even after the tracks have finished.


You can find Outblinker online here: outblinker.net, they are also on Facebook and Tweet as @outblinker.

All words by Adrian Bloxham. More writing by Adrian can be found at his author’s archive.


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