Louder Than War interview the amazing Otoboke Beaver ahead of their forthcoming debut UK tour. 

So, a month or so ago i was introduced to what i described at the time for LTW as “from Kyoto, Japan come the tornado of noise that is Otoboke Beaver. And not before time to be honest. This band are absolutely brilliant and will be astonishing live”.

Well, the time has come and these girls are on their way for a few dates in the UK on their own and with the almighty Shonen Knife. They have also just released a new 3 track EP ’Bakuro Book’ as a follow up to their tremendous debut LP. Louder Than War caught up with the this terrible foursome to see how things were going and how excited they were to be touring the UK

LTW: Welcome Otoboke Beaver!!! Or, as I am a Welsh man, Croeso y Cymru Otoboke Beaver! I am only saying this because apparently Okoshiyasu’ is Kyoto slang for ‘welcome’, so I wanted to say Welcome in both English and Welsh! Is this correct?

OB:  Yes!!!! Thank you for the opportunity of this interview X

LTW: What are you most looking forward to discovering on this tour?

OB: Encountering many people, cultures, shopping, sightseeing, record shops, of course music!

LTW: I reviewed you last month for the LTW website and I said “So, from Kyoto, Japan come Otoboke Beaver. And not before time to be honest. This band are absolutely brilliant and will be astonishing live.” I stick by this. You sound amazing on record and I just love chaotic noise. Is this what you will be bringing to the UK next month? Chaotic Noise?

OB: You’ll realize that means when you watch our live show! Hehehe.

LTW: I also said that you were “100mph and definitely turned up to 11” Since writing this and listening to your LP properly, I think there is a lot more to OB then first listens would present? You are definitely 100mph, but also have song structure and eventually (!) melody!?

OB: Thank you. Playing rapid songs is very hard but also just fun! Maybe it’s similar to progressive music.

LTW: You also say that you are “influenced by western Riot Grrrl attitudes and the sounds of punk and angular post-rock”. From what I have already heard, I cannot disagree! If so, who are you listening to and/or/getting influenced by at the moment? If anybody?!

OB: Accorinrin : Togawa Jun (Yapoos), Hikashu, P-MODEL, Momoe Yamaguchi, Afrirampo

Y : I love Yura Yura Teikoku very much and respect Shonen Knife and Afrirampo as girls bands.

H : First is Hide(ex. X JAPAN), then when I’m high school student, I was impressed many influences from the live house can be listened garage rock!

P : Thee Michelle Gun Elephant, Yura Yura Teikoku, XTC, King Crimson, Ningen-isu, Fruity, MOST, PAWS, bluebeard, The Breeders and so on. But I love electronica and classic music very much.

LTW: Lazy comparisons would put you in the same camp as Shonen Knife. That is ok! I like Shonen Knife! But I would describe you as a less abrasive and a more tuneful Melt Banana? Sonically, I think you have a lot more going on than SK, and straddle the noise of MB on tiptoes to create a perfect balance! Do you agree?

OB: That’s right! We think you have listened our music many times… so thankful!

LTW: I think you play brilliant noisy, ballsy punk rock and whether you sing in Japanese or Kyoto slang, I can’t think of anything I would rather listen to at the moment. In fact, you are in my car as we speak! ありがとうございました Otoboke Beaver!

OB: We think it’s  just the music breaking the wall of language, right?  So glad! Listening to music must be more free for music lovers feelings. We really can’t wait going UK tour! See you soon!

Oh by the way. Their 3 track EP ’Bakuro Book’ is an absolute triumph of noise, fun, speed, melody and would fail to put on a smile on a corpse. It is THAT good. Have a listen below.

Otoboke Beaver play live at:

01 May: DIY Popfest – London – London at Shacklewell Arms – London, w/ Chorusgirl, Good Grief, Trust Fund

01 May : Walpurgis Nacht Festival at Windmill Brixton – London, w/ Wussy (US), Kath Bloom(US)

02 May: The Tin Music and Arts – Coventry

03 May: The Pipeline

05 May: The Maze – Nottingham, W/ Shonen Knife

06 May: The Musician Pub – Leicester, W/ Shonen Knife


Otoboke Beaver are available via their website and their label Damnably. They can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

By Ioan Humphreys. More writing by Ioan Louder Than War can be found at his author’s archive.

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