Orphan Boy but not for much longer according to our reviewer
Orphan Boy but not for much longer according to our reviewer

Orphan Boy but not for much longer according to our reviewer
Orphan Boy but not for much longer according to our reviewer
Orphan Boy


Oct 23rd 2012

live review


After taking a break from touring to re-energise and work on their next album, tonight sees the return of Orphan Boy to their former stomping ground of Manchester.

Onstage criminally early , this support slot came about when Enemy main man Tom Clarke somehow heard their last album. He was so impressed he tracked them down and asked them to play the show.

When they hit the stage you can see why . With two accomplished independently released albums under their belts and a wealth of new material the ‘council pop trio’ are limited to a 30 minute slot but manage to pack in a cool collection of old gems and showcase new material honed during their sojourn in the Lincolnshire countryside.

Support bands aren’t supposed to create such bedlam; especially on a dreary Wednesday evening, at a time when the punters would normally be milling around politely, waiting for the main event but tonight they are revitalised post-hiatus and generate enough excitement amongst the surging crowd to spark a decent mosh pit.

Opening the set with mini stomper ‘Letter For Annie’ they exude a real confidence working the crowd from the word go and soon a mass of curious indie kids mixed with diehard Orphans fans are pressed together at the front of the stage. As the gig goes on more people swell the ranks at the front digging the bands blend of post punk and synth pop and terrace chants break out between songs as various crews chip in all adding to the charged atoms.

Two new songs are showcased tonight, ‘sunken hearts’ and ‘clover’, both see lead singer Rob Cross move from guitar and start squeezing twisted melodies from his battered synth giving the set a more haunting downbeat almost Joy Division-esque introspection.

Proceedings are then lifted to a crescendo as they finish the all too short set with the incendiary, pounding and gets stuck in your head for days type tune ‘Some Frontier’. An anthem in the true sense and lyrically savvy – a great way to leave the fervent crowd actually wanting more rather than going through the staid encore game .

The fact they could have got one if there was time was a marker for the night. Orphans no more there were of plenty of brothers and sisters loving the energy tonight and wanting to be part of the family and on this evidence there will be plenty more adopting these as their own . Next stop is a big London show with Reverend and his Makers and a chance to get some more attention which they rightly deserve and an opportunity for more unadulterated and joyous mayhem to ensue .

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