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The debut album by Sweden’s ORO is an atmospheric and complex masterpiece of metal, creating a stunning set of musical soundscapes. Embrace its unsettling music, and don’t let this album pass you by!

ORO from Örebro in Sweden, have produced an intriguing debut album, that creates a set of imaginative musical soundscapes, that draw on black and post metal, and are underpinned by some storming sludge/doom metal rhythmic patterns. Örebro, where the album was recorded, sits in the shadow of the Kilsbergen mountains, which are covered in deep forestation, and the power and atmosphere of such a landscape, imbues the music that you will discover here. The band’s name means anxiety and unrest, and this is a truly unsettling album, that demands your attention and emotional involvement.

Opening piece Jartecken, clocks in at over 8 minutes, and the introductory guitar chords reverberate, as if you were hearing them live, coming out of ceiling high guitar stacks. As the song begins in earnest, the jagged rhythms and swirling winds of Petter Nilsson and Sebastian Andersson’s symphonic guitars, completely envelops your listening experience. The song then dynamically shifts pace, into a slowed down striking doom metal section, driven by Sebastian Conde’s snapping bass, and John Stöök’s staccato drums, with sweet melodic guitar lines succeeded by crushing riffs, full of heavy sustain. Throughout, Petter’s death growl vocals, seem to provide a high-pitched treatise, on despair, loss and the never-ending search for hope.

Enas I Skam, begins with a shimmering intimate beauty, where the understated almost spoken vocal, weaves through some evocative and subtly building chord sequences, accompanied by some incredible low rumbling bass. Heavier black metal styled musical themes puncture the intimacy, creating a complex musical piece, that evokes an emotional journey, full of unease and foreboding, but with moments of relief and calm.

This is demanding serious music, almost classical in its compositional layers, and emotional passion. It is another release this year, that speaks to the musical experimentation and ambition that metal is reaching for and embracing.

Tusen Kroppar means ‘Thousand Bodies’, and has another gorgeous intro, with a repeating guitar figure and jazz type bass line, that simply light up the listener’s sensory pathways. We are then into classic sludge metal intensity, with more edgy atmospheric musical embellishes. Petter’s vocals seem to scream with the pain of lives lost in senseless conflict, and all its repercussions. Ogat Av Glas closes out the album, with a traditional folk like ambience, threaded throughout its doom grooves. It features a stellar performance by drummer John Stöök, who uses his kit to drive the song rhythmically, add new musical colours, and intensify melody.

This album will require repeated listens to fully appreciate its expansive musical palette, and we can only hope ORO tour here soon, as live it will be without doubt, a total sensory experience.

Watch Enas I Skam here:

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 All words by Gareth Allen

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