oreAfter the success of his latest album ‘Belatedly’ (our review of which can be read here  ) Sam Underwood (founder of ORE) has released the first single from the album ‘SKARN’.

SKARN (EDITS)is the first single to be released from ORE’s album Belatedly. It features two edits, one by ORE’s baritone horn player Beck Baker and the other by ORE founder and tuba player Sam Underwood.

The first piece, Baker Edit, builds directly on the original version of SKARN. When performed live, SKARN features a part Beck Baker wrote and performs on baritone horn; an instrument normally only found in brass bands. The added harmony is sympathetic but played in a register that lifts the piece to new heights.
Underwood’s Deep Bass Voyager Edit is a total departure for ORE. A fully electronic piece, featuring
manipulated feedback, organic textures and seismic bass.

Another essential release from Underwood and his fellow sonic explorers.


SKARN (EDITS) can be purchased via Bandcamp 

ORE can be found via his website  or via Twitter where he tweets as @OREtubadoom


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