Orbital: Warehouse Project, Manchester – live review

Warehouse Project, Manchester
1st December 2012

Phil and Paul Hartnoll have been electronic music heavyweights for some years now and after a few years absence they bounded back onto the scene with a tour in 2009 and then created the new album ‘Wonky’ (released April 2012). This album is testament to their talent and natural ability to tap into a source that hits the spot every single time. Thank God they’re back and it’s excellent to be able to say thatthey’re better than ever.If you haven’t already got Wonky then get onto Father Christmas immediately because you need it. Really, you do.

To say I was looking forward to this gig would be a massive understatement.After having seen the Hartnoll brothers weave their aural magic a ton of times, I knew exactly what was coming: Gig Utopia was round the corner and I was more than ready to take my place at the altar of Orbital.I’ve never been disappointed at an Orbital live set everbecause they never fail to deliver an experience nothing short of fanfuckintastic and their Warehouse Project appearance to 5000 excitable revellers was no exception.

These guys have something a bit special that gets inside your happiness and springs it out ofyou. They unleash the giddy kipper within which makes you smile like a loon whilst the sparkles in your eyes light up your mind and the jumping beans in your knees bounce until their little dance hearts are content. Not a lot of people can do that, can they, but Orbital can.

Hats off to the Warehouse Project team too, who are delivering some phenomenal line ups this season, their most successful yet.The disused warehouse in Trafford Park has become a place where fans of music and joy congregate for a fix of splendid and a slice of something spectacular. What the Warehouse Project is achieving is something pretty magnificent and that fact that it’s selling out night after night reflects this. Each night provides some serious dance tunage but tonight, for me, it’s all about the mighty headliners, Orbital, my most favourite live act and winners of my happy little ear hearts.

Right from the start of their set the bass was cranked up and potent enough to deliver deep internal organ massage (always a bonus, if you ask me). We were treated to some stellar songs from the brilliant Wonky such as One Big Moment, New France feat. Zola Jesus, Beezledub, title track Wonky and Where Is It Going? The set also includedback catalogue tracks such as Halycon, Are We Here? (featuring Alison Goldfrapp) , the ace mash up of Belinda Carlise’s Heaven is a place on Earth vs. Bon Jovi’s You Give Love a Bad Name, Belfast, and the insanely perfect classic Doctor ?which is an absolutely amaaazing tune live, the place took off when THAT came on inspiring the tiggers amongst us to do a very big bounce indeed. There were more, forgive my lack of remembering, I didn’t go with the intention of reviewing, basically though, for one and a half hours Orbital were all over it in a most immensely beautiful way.

All of this coupled with the lights, lasers and visuals placed me in my own personal heaven for a while. The most glorious music in all the land was bestowed upon us, filling our ears with wondrous sounds.Have you ever seen them live? No? Well, sort that out please, they’re a box that you’ll be ever so glad you’ve ticked. If you have seen them already, oh dooosee them again, they’re worth it and you know it. I love Orbital. Thank you Warehouse Project for bringing them back to Manchester. Thank you Orbital for being so very extremely absoblumminlutelyflippin’ fabulous.

Here’s an idea of what Saturday was like, this is Orbital performing Where Is It Going? from the new album filmed at Manchester Academy in April this year. And yes, I was there!

Orbital’s website can be found here. They can also be found on Facebook, Twitter & Youtube.

The WHP’s website is here.

All words by Sonj. You can find more by Sonj on Louder Than War in her author’s archive.

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