Open Sore – 1977 punk originals reform

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The Roxy was the key punk venue.

Opened in January 1977 and with Don Letts as the DJ, it was a key place where punk rock culture was created.

There were many bands that played there who became legends, a real roll call of the punk rock diaspora but there were also some great bands who never got the breaks-  Open Sore were one of these and the what they left behind has been highly treasured in punk rock circles with a track on the ‘Farewell To The Roxy’ album.

The band fell apart as quickly as they arrived with  Sean Burke joining  Tubeway Army & Jayne County and the Electric Chairs.

Recently they reformed with Sean Burke and Bob Kyley  busy rehearsing and recording their latest album, and putting shows together including a possible ‘Roxy Band Tour’

‘In their short and explosive career Open Sore would prove to be one of the Roxy’s most popular bands, with Charlie Harper, singer with punk legends The UK Subs, citing them as his favourite Roxy band, but their only track left behind for vinyl posterity featured on the Farewell to the Roxy compilation LP’. 1978.


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  1. Actually they’ve been reformed for quite some time – I saw them live a few years back and they were very very good

  2. Brand new line up 2013. Rebellion here we come!

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