Open Letter To Prince Charles About Hunting And ‘Saving The Animals’

Dear Chaz,

We were ‘treated’ to the usual fawning TV coverage this weekend when you and Prince William read out statements about preventing the hunting of endangered species across the world.

Now, you know me Charles, I like them animals and I was glad somebody was making a stand on their feathered and furry behalf from the nonsensical and cruel blasting away at them for ‘fun’ by cowards- who stand half a mile a way with a high velocity rifle- taking pot shots at an elephant the size of bus and feeling ‘in touch’ with nature at this act of gross and pointless cowardice.  All it proves is you have a steady hand and no heart at all as another magnificent animal is felled for a thirty second thrill.

These people don’t even eat the damned things. they kill them for fun and these are the people who tell us what to do and pretend to have some sort of high moral ground.

Of course, Chas, it was good to see someone take this stand against the vile murder of great beasts but the stench of hypcorciy and dusty old royals quickly filled the room as the not very comfortable realisation dawned that you and your sons choice of ‘sport’ is to do the same but to less rare animals.

As if that is somehow slightly better.

Now this is not a rant about the league table of animal rarity – surely shooting  a rare animal for ‘sport’ is as stupid as shooting thousands of small birds on some large estate that you somehow still own in ‘free Britain’.

Chas, we sit here confused at the moral ground you are attempting to claim here with your plea when you indulge in the equally spineless hunting of the less rare animals and we  appeal to you as fellow Goon show fans and worshiper of the late and great Spike Milligan – an animal lover- to stop this cowardly slaughter.

Chas, behind the blasting blunderbuss and the blood stained hands I believe you may be an ok person. You seem to have a sensitivity rare in your circles and as much  as I have no interest in the royals I don’t care whether they exist or not and the whole mad parade is your business but senseless slaughter is all our business and I’m appealing to you as a person with a heart to stop this barbaric pastime. After all if a kid on a council east went on the rampage with a gun in the local park shooting rabbit and cats he would end up in borstal and yet the same action by the ‘ruling class’ is somehow deemed respectable.

Chas, does this hunting stuff make you feel like a man? does it make you feel like some sort of ancient warrior running round the moors with your blunderbuss and the wind and rain on your pampered face? a lone warrior against the odds with your team of security guards, butlers and servants carrying sumptuous picnic hampers as you blow the brains out of small creatures to give yourself some royal wood?

I mean is it some sort of sexual kick or is it some sort of relic from a long lost past when cavemen would push mammoths off cliffs- because you have to admit, Chas, that was a bit more warrior like getting your hands dirty tussling with a huge and dangerous beast than shooting random birds out of the sky.

Next time you make a stand against hunting can you make it look a bit less like a stand against other people hunting your animals and more like an impassioned plea against hunting, or if you persist in hunting can you do it barehand instead of with guns and be  like a real man instead of a callous, cold coward?

And young William- how about proving you are a ‘modern’ royal and pack in this ridiculous pursuit left over from the old days- maybe make friends with a stag instead of blowing its brains all over the moorland and leaving it writhing in pointless and revolting agony because it makes you feel good- I expect more of you as  a human being than this vile pastime.

Of course nature is a cruel and merciless business but it’s never pointless…

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Award winning journalist and boss of Louder Than War. In a 30 year music writing career, John was the first to write about bands such as Stone Roses and Nirvana and has several best selling music books to his name. He constantly tours the world with Goldblade and the Membranes playing gigs or doing spoken word and speaking at music conferences.


  1. Was this actually sent,
    I sincerely hope so
    It’s about time these people heard what the nation thinks and wants
    The days of killing animals should be over

  2. Shame on this family for their barbaric cruelty
    No one in the right mind with an ounce of compassion would WANT TO KILL.
    NO ONE who is a conservationist should be patron of any societies involving wildlife, except people like

    • Did you know Chris Packham supports the culling of elephant’s. Google it.
      Also I believe sir David Attenborough used to capture animals for zoos.

  3. This is such a true statement the royals set double standards. When you see them shooting it reminds me of an era pasted, a scene from Queen Victoria’s time. The royals need to set an example to the World. Old tradition are just that old, out of date in the twenty first century. However while we have queen Elizabeth on the throne and Prince Philip who lived in this barbaric but normal life to them I don’t think much will change. Prince William I believe should make a stance remember Diana she set the way of the modern royals, I believe she did not attend such meets and I think Prince William should do the same and set an example and a new way forward for his children and the world. I did notice that Prince Williams campaign to save the African Wildlife went very quiet due to I think his double standards and the royals quickly moved on to supporting people with a psychological problem oh but maybe they have a psychological problem as not many of us ordinary folk walk the countryside dressed funny carry a gun and shooting rabbits etc!!!???

  4. I hope it was sent, because the royals do need to know how the country feel about their passion for hunting. You cannot stand up and say people should protect some species but the rest don’t count. Wouldn’t it be great if William as a modern Royal said there would be no more hunting. I’d watch the pigs flying past at this point, but they would be shooting them down!

  5. Let’s face it the human race is nothing more than a virus on the wonderful planet. We haven’t moved forward one jot, we are no more enlightened than they were at the beginning of the last century. The same shower are still dictating what is right, after all they believe they were born to that elite class, that were educated privately and have a god given right to dictate how the rest of us live our lives. Unless we all wake up then we are in danger of sleep walking into our own oblivion.

    • The sentiments expressed in this letter are as clear as crystal to any normal human being, and they come from the heart. As such, a few grammar or spelling mistakes are neither here nor there. As pretty much a duffer at school Charles has no room to criticise anyway. Well done to the author for expressing what the majority of British people feel about hunting and killing for kicks.

  6. It saddens me to see the royal family still promoting this cruelty in the 21st century,what next bear baiting,cock fighting and pig sticking? Surely humanity should move forward?

  7. WHY do you have to go out killing animals..Its about time you STOPPED this.Due to be King but hopefully not as you are a disgrace to this COUNTRY..This is 2017 get a life and leave the wildlife alone..You are cruel and sadistic

  8. Well put this is straight from the hip straight to the point sums these barbaric mindless disgusting evil excuse for humans.

  9. Shame on our royal family for continually participating in blood ‘sports’. Let’s hope that one day they will show compassion for sentient animals.

  10. All my life have been saving animals both domestic ones and wild life from horrific cruelty and abuse and exploitation. As a Child I rode horses at the stables on the week end and seing the hunt go out to kill, helpless, animals of the wild whom were subjected to horrendous, heartless cruelty of the hunt just for sport and tradition and wondered what sort of human beings could find this such a favourable past time ? many years later , still saving animals and doing something about this horrendously cruel activity, being older have come to the conclusion that it takes a certain type of individual to have no morals or compassion, for what is a abhorrent pointless and barbaric past time, to hunt a helpless victim of the neccesary chain of life and kill it in a most violent and horrific manner , just because of tradition. we are now in the 20th century and species of birds and animals , and mammals are threatened with extinction as a result of human exploitation ignorance . I would have thought that things would have changed by now, and that mankind might have advanced and evolved from darker days , of out dated cruel traditions that should have been dumped in the dustbin as unevolved .we would expect a standard to be set from our Royals of today that would be more favourable with the people to save animals from extinction. Especially since The RSPCA bears Royal approval to Stop cruelty to animals . All animals are important and are sentient beings with feelings and emotions and feel pain are not objects to abuse , shoot , kill , or maim for fun, or a pointless tradition that encourages , people to go out killing them for fun. It isnt my idea of fun.!Animals are a part of the ecosystem and not here for target practise . I could understand if one had to hunt to survive for food having no other means of survival to eat but , u dont eat foxes, whom are vital to the chain and have a hard enough job surviving as it is. you dont eat Elephants that are endangered, or any other wild life on the list that is in danger of extinction, so why do it ?. what possible pleasure can one gain from eradicating these precious animals from the chain of life and breaking the ecosystem down further? could u not find a glimmer, of empathy , to encourage a change and set an example to the world that we must save these animals not kill them.please would u be at the helm of welcome change , a worthy cause that is needed to stop poachers and trophy hunters from killing precious wild life,before it is too late , and they are entirely wiped out!

  11. I couldn’t have put it better myself. It’s about time the royal family was reminded that they can’t do what they like just because of who they are. Maybe Chas or Billy could explain exactly what it is that makes taking a life so rewarding.

  12. Prince Charles is on record as saying he might as well leave the country if the ban on foxhunting became law. It became law, Charles, so why are you still here? Or are you happy to see the law so widely flouted and the police who are supposed to enforce the law, turn a blind eye?

  13. Well done … Needed to be said.
    About time the royals realised how hypocritical the public think they are and their disgusting blood thirsty shooting for fun ways.


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