Morrisey © Melanie Smith
Morrissey © Melanie Smith

Morrisey © Melanie Smith


Dear Morrissey,


Whilst, of course, we celebrate free speech no matter how odious it is to our tender ears, we also celebrate free reply.

For your fans, the dogged celebration of the live gigs has been increasingly countered by the dreaded interviews. Interviews, which were once the playground of your wit read now like barroom diatribes with little of the perceived empathy and sensitivity that you were once loved for. For someone who was once a pin-up of the post-punk liberal – the world according to Moz has become an alien one.

The past few years have seen an acceleration in this kind of rhetoric. Initially, it had your fans thinking it was some kind of arch clever game soon to be replaced by a weary resignation, which has now been replaced by a resignation from buying tickets to your shows.

Of course, people love a lot of music made by characters we would not really want to discuss serious stuff with. Plenty of great music is made by people who talk crap and some of the worst music is made by the  nicest people and some of the greatest is made by very difficult people. We have long grown out of that thing where you checklist the artist to make sure they are on the ‘same side’!



How has it come to this?

You were once the idol to a generation, the pin-up boy to the outsiders, the fragmented community struggling through ‘greed is good’, Thatcher’s Britain who thought and felt differently. You were the pin-up boy for the post-punk lost souls who needed a new kind of person to soundtrack their confusion and celebrate their emotional depth and lost high IQ.  You were the pin-up boy fronting these sensitive, articulate boys from the north with their funny, sardonic, complex brilliant pop songs against the grinding new Thatcher-right. A new kind of singer, a new kind of band.

You once claimed to have been a fan of my music writing and we did email briefly, although who knows if these things are true. I believe in self-expression even if I don’t agree with what’s being expressed but wish we could find ‘Moz’ wherever he has gone.

Of course, we all know that pop is a con and as Noel Gallagher, of all people, succinctly put it ‘don’t put your life in the hands of a rock n roll band’. Disappointment is part of the fan process… disappointing albums, disappointing fallouts, disappointing interviews and mansion madness, disappointing struggles to find the quicksilver magic that made something that was once so brilliant, so full of magic dust so quintessential. 

But it’s not impossible. 

Your old mucker Johnny Marr seems to embrace the perceived Smiths spirit musically and politically and is doing it with a dignity the more you seem to move away from it. Your best pal, the wonderful Linder, is at the top of her creative powers.

Of course being a lifelong fan is about watching the trudge towards the grave and the snuffing out of eternal youth with the artist as the mirror to all our own inevitable declines, in pop culture growing older is by nature that hard part and the dogged fan still remembers that moment in their lives when everything felt so free and perfect and the soundtrack was killer but this is the first time we may have seen the ‘death by interview’. Your gigs were still great celebrations, your albums still had enough flashes of brilliance but every time you went to explain them the fans were aghast. It was once said that you invented the art of the interview filling the inkies with brilliant quotes that were part of the art of the Smiths. Now it’s the opposite. The world you want to live in is clashing with the one your loyal and beautiful fans believe in – the one you once helped to construct. It’s heartbreaking.

Morrissey, of course you were always pithy and difficult. It comes with territory. We all heard the stories. We heard much worse ones about other people. Who can survive in the choppy waters of pop culture without that acidic touch. But what your mass legion of fans projected onto you was that of hallowed saint and maverick spirit who spoke for them. Dangerous stuff.

And now you don’t. And it breaks their hearts. 

Other rock stars have got away with talking the bad talk over the years but Eric Clapton’s fans are either more likely to embrace or not really care about his ugly speech onstage in Birmingham in 1976. Some of Mark Smith’s ramblings towards the end of his brilliantly creative life, like on the Channel 4 news were swerved. Morrissey, maybe you were unfortunate to have a sensitive, aware fan base who initially cheered you on but after Finsbury Park gave you a lot of leeway but have finally had enough. Speaking to Smiths and Morrissey fans over the years there was always that resigned look when interviews came up, that. ‘Oh god what’s he said now’ tone of voice. 

It’s your right, of course, to speak as you feel and it’s also the army of fans right to finally give up on the ghost.

Where do you go from here? It looks difficult now. Retire to the mansion and the cats staring back at you as you rant to them about the world like some kind of latter-day Bridget Bardot? Tour the last few boltholes that ignore the dreaded interviews or get back in touch with the world you helped to create? Go the whole hog and stand for Parliament on your new ticket? Give Johnny Marr a ring? 

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Award winning journalist and boss of Louder Than War. In a 30 year music writing career, John was the first to write about bands such as Stone Roses and Nirvana and has several best selling music books to his name. He constantly tours the world with Goldblade and the Membranes playing gigs or doing spoken word and speaking at music conferences.


  1. What gets me is the embracing of a person, Tommy Robinson, who would cheerfully put Moz in the gas ovens with Jews, disabled people and union leaders, because of his sexual orientation.

    • Well 90% of Robinson’s fan club would but Robinson himself loves Israel as does the equally revolting Ann Marie Waters.

    • Exactly ! I seriously wonder if he’s mentally well as the 360 turn to supporting the right wing is just shocking to us all .
      Cancelling the Manchester gigs is the final straw for many sadly .

    • I’m no follower of Tommy Robinson but your depiction of him as a fully fledged Nazi who would happily gas homosexuals is just a little bit hysterical and not based on anything Robinson has actually said. Not helpful.

        • Have you looked into the policies of For Britain, I have only glanced over them but cannot find anything racist as yet. For context, my last vote went to Corbyn and I don’t feel ready to vote For Britain as yet.

          Morrissey claimed they are the only party that cares about animal welfare, that and ‘For Britain believes in the preservation of traditional British liberties’ would be enough to swing it for the Morrissey we have known of any year since 1982. I suspect the animal welfare pledge may have something to do with not supplying halal meat to hospitals and schools or at least not to everyone, I wouldn’t want my children eating halal meat. Quite simply it is barbaric and we are not muslim.

          Unfortunately, due to the abhorrent crimes we face in our society due to the rise in Islamic extremism e.g terrorism, FGM and child rape, the people who were once percieved of as being racist like Ann Marie Waters, Tommy Robinson etc are now the only ones who have the guts to address these issues. Maybe they are still racist, who knows, but imagine if a new party came along which had everything in place to save the NHS, maybe you didn’t agree with their agenda on many other issues, but you would probably still vote for them to get the most important job done and then abandon them when that job is done, I suppose a bit like what everybody did with UKIP when they had influenced the need for the EU membership referendum., they were then dropped like a hot potato.

          I, like many, still love Morrissey for his honesty and his guts, I think a change came about when a muslim terrorist murdered young girls in Manchester on his birthday, it clearly affected him.

          Islam is not a race, it is a religion, does anyone know someone who has converted to Islam from Christianity? When once you took the piss out of them for believing in Noah’s Ark and the implication that penguins swam to the middle east to get on the ark, this was satire and a witty critique of the holy book, to the same person after the conversion, you only have to draw a cartoon of the prophet and you would be in trouble.

          • I also admire his honesty and guts. Particularly in leaving the country for the US and then complaining about Tooting born and bred Sadiq Khan ‘not speaking properly’. I also understand his anger that the Manchester arena bombing happened ‘on his birthday’. That must have been the final straw. Also it must have been agony him being forced to go all the way to Israel and not be able to say anything about Shechita , the ritual slaughter of animals by the Jewish community, whilst he was there.

    • His sexual orientation?
      He has never come out.

      Moz and Tommy have Irish parents. Maybe they’d bond over that?

    • Agreed. Absolutely. Morrissey – a man in denial about everything including himself. TR is a very dangerous man + Morrissey is a misguided fool. I’m sure I’m not the only one who wouldn’t miss either of them retiring.

    • To educate yourself, you really should watch a clip of holocaust survivor David Tuck, he explains how he is sickened by everyone comparing the detention centres on the US borders to concentration camps.

      This could very well apply to anyone calling Tommy Robinson a nazi, it kind of undermines and weakens the true horror of the nazis. Tommy Robinson is just some guy from Luton who has never killed anyone.

  2. Deeply sad. I personally gave up on him when a half-full, small bottle of mineral water collided with his forehead in Liverpool on a dark night in 2009. Despite his love of the New York Dolls, the Cockney Rejects and adoration of East End boxers, I found his flouncing off stage, slightly confusing. He could have made a stand against the oaf who threw it and turned the situation to his advantage…He didn’t. Around me, I saw several grown adults weep upon the realisation that the night was over. I suspect that after his recent interviews, this reaction has been repeated by many more people, who now know that Morrissey….is over.

    • I was on the front row that night and it wasn’t a half full bottle of mineral water that hit him, but a full pint glass of “liquid” whatever that might have been. And I do not blame him for walking off, even though in fact I was devastated, imagine if that was a glass of acid, petrol or worse in anyone’s eyes it was fucking unacceptable.

        • Brendan, are you trying to tell someone who was there and saw it happen, what they saw? I was 4 rows behind the flinger and it was a plastic pint glass of what seemed like water. But perhaps you want to tell me my eyes are wrong too. For what it’s worth, I agree he should haVe had the perpetrator hoiked out and carried on, but I had to comment because of your apparent arrogance.

  3. Given he supports a far right party, it makes me wonder just how repellent his views would have to be for remaining fans to give up on him.

  4. poor old fat mozzer how bitter and hateful has he become? Its not a new phenomenon either just a very boring and predictable ex-pat lateral drift into money-tour-interview rant and somewhere along the line ‘auld Albion’ the place that made you, is regarded with contempt. There are immigrants there, and poverty unimaginable and unwashed ghosts and streets and streets and streets of working class scum. Who to blame? Heaven knows he’s miserable now, and time tick tocks away inevitably turning all into its opposite. Welcome home Bernard Manning you have not been missed.

  5. How has this turned into a political thread?. He’s cancelled gigs. Poor sales probably didn’t make the trip worth it. I’m pretty sure his money people pulled it. Moz should stick to touring the States and Mexico.

    • It’s precisely because of his more and more right wing rants that has led to the poor ticket sales fans have had enough after making excuses for his outbursts sometimes you just have to say enough is enough especially having myself been a fan since the beginning.

    • What a load of lefty garbage, Morrissey still has an army of fans and is doing some of his best stuff, stop assuming you speak for everyone, you don’t Long live Mo and his support of sanity against the loons.

  6. Excellent plea to someone who’s completely lost the plot .Why do so many of our heroes ,like Morrissey ,Lydon ,Mark E , Daltrey , Dennis Hopper – so cool in their youth – turn into pompous, reactionary buffoons ? Is it just a reflection of hardening arteries or merely crass desire to preserve their bank balance ? You might forgive Bowie’s Nazi salute at Victoria Station as he was totally off his rocker at the time due to sustained cocaine use .No such excuse for Moz !

  7. Morrissey is not a liberal and he never was. He is a working class man, has always been a conservative reactionary – yes, a conservative one!, despite his railings against Thatcher. He has often said stupid, inflammatory things, even back in the Smiths. The only difference is, back then, he could do no wrong because some sections of the music press elevated him as some kind of pithy spokesman for a generation. Just ignore him.

  8. Morrissey is working class and has witnessed how it is this class who suffer from the downside of unrestrained mass immigration – lower wages, more competition for jobs, more crime, local rape gangs, less places in schools etc.
    Only the rich and the middle class benefit from mass immigration.
    Is it a crime to acknowledge these things and to suggest an alternative to the neverending Labour-Tory circus?
    Evidently it is.
    Where can the working class air their views? Nowhere. The media has no time or place for their concerns and silences them with accusations of racism.
    Only the rich and the middle class have a voice that the media welcomes. And it is a very patronising one – familiar to the ear in this very letter to Morrissey. John Robb, you are parrotting the tone of our ruling elite.
    Moz is from humble beginnings himself and can see what is going on. Working class people are being shoved aside and silenced. A large proportion of them are not happy with the way things are going in this country. He is the only person in the music world unafraid to speak out about this. For that he should be commended, not condescended to like some kind of embarrassing pariah.
    There are many normal, balanced, intelligent people out there that agree with his views and I am one of them.

    • Lucy, I’m middle class, and I agree with you. Most of my fellow middle class people live, like me, fairly isolated from the effects of mass immigration. Also quite a few if them love to show their virtue by sounding off against racism. Because almost all people are opposed to racism (real racism, anyway). And they can’t exactly kick off about the inequality in society, because that would be turning the guns on themselves. So easier to take aim at racism, sexism, hashtag me too etc etc. Or, as the Daily Mash put it brilliantly today, spout on about saving the environment in between various long-haul flights to exotic holidays. They also occasionally wring their hands about the plight of the poor, but at the same time sneer at working class people for being thick bigots who were too damn stupid to vote the ‘correct’ way in the EU referendum.

    • A voice of sanity in this digital witch hunt – thank you Lucy. John Robb the liberal elite are making a fool of you.

      • Who, me? Kindly define the term ‘fascist’?
        Seems to me you are part of the problem because rather than advancing any arguments you are just name-calling. All that does is further convince people that you are wrong.

        • The argument was won years ago in 1945. There is no further argument. You either want Fascists smashed into the sea or you are a Fascist sympathiser. Read your history. My family lived it.

    • Multi millionaire Morrissey sits in his huge mansion in LA or one of his several homes around the world pontificating about the state of a working class he has no idea of. It’s been decades since Morrissey left his home is the suburbs (not council estates) of Manchester. Lucy (a very middle class name) feels that she understands these ‘working class’ people – did she study them at college like specimens, does she assume that we are a homogenous mass of lumpen proles all with the same opinion waiting for rich out of touch rock stars to articulate them for us? does she feel that these ‘working class’ are rushing to embrace Morrissey for his vegetarian only backstage, his belief that Kevin Spacey was not at fault for the 14 year old boy in his hotel room and the million other strange views of her pop idol she blindly follows like the gaggle of Gary Glitter fans who still can’t come to terms with their idol’s different madness.

  9. Morrissey & Ted Nugent – a dream gig here in the USA. Glad to see easily offended snowflakes exist in the UK.

    • Frankly .. your childish, far-right fan boy rhetoric does Morrissey’s fans a disservice. If Herr Drumpf suddenly came all over warm and fluffy and liberal, you’d be the one being upset by a sudden political 180º

  10. Please speak for yourself, John Robb. I’ve been a Moz-fan since 1992 and still proudly am one today. He is one of the bravest man (if not thé bravest man) in the music landscape today.

  11. My teenage self still adores him, my adult self mourns him. My last bastion of belief that he was saying things like this purely for shock and head lines has gone and even if it were it still saddens me and is wrong. I cling to the memories of cycling round Manchester in youthful summers head full of Smith’s songs but sadly would never go to see him now…

  12. Only a couple of people on here have got this right.. I live in Bradford and have witnessed alarming things over the last 35 or so years.. the amount of things you don’t hear about and goes unreported is shocking. What gets taught in a lot of mosques and madraasa schools is equally shocking. I have Muslim friends who had to stop going to the mosques because of the views.. mainly anti West, fire and brimstone and hate the none believers. I have friends in the police who aren’t allowed to act on certain crimes committed by certain people.. one law for them round here. No one in the press is allowed to mention anyone supporting Tommy Robinson without using the term far right.. it’s pathetic. I used to be a fully paid up labour supporter. I saw the red wedge tour, I was cnd and peaceful. I am not and never have been racist or far right. I support what Tommy Robinson stands for. Saying he’s a Nazi, a racist , anti semetic and a hater of homosexuals is a pathetic uneducated comment. Read the strange death of Europe by Douglas Murray.. he was Eton educated, Oxford educated and is openly gay.. he has it bang on and it’s a frightening read.. perhaps because he’s not working class you might listen. Morrissey has always been a bit of an idiot in my mind even though I love the smiths so much. Morrissey has it bang right.. everyone is entitled to their opinions but most people don’t have a clue what they’re on about. Spouting far right and racist is frankly getting a little boring now. And the violence at marches tends to come from ant far.. I also like John robb and this site is great. Again, John is entitled to his opinion.. I also have no faith in any main political party anymore.. People are getting fed up and have had enough.. politicians are doing fuck all.. media does fuck all.. biased BBC.. police not allowed to act .. politicians scared to act.. don’t know who’s pulling the strings but it’s scary..

    • So how is it that when a grooming gang were finally brought to trial, Tommy Robinson’s carried out actions that could have led to the trial being abandoned? I can only assume his intention was to get sent to prison and become a “martyr”. I’d be interested to know how you think Robinson’s power trip is helping to deal with the issues that you’re concerned about.

  13. This one’s called ‘Blah Blah Blah’

    Cunts to the left, cunts to the right
    Everyone talking a load of shite
    Racism this, fascism that
    Sad to see Morrissey’s turned into a twat
    No one to trust
    No one who cares
    Keyboard warriors, oh so aware
    Brexit this, immigration that
    Nobody typing knows the facts
    Everyone here, everyone there
    All on a rock, floating through air
    Why must we hate, can we not love?
    People below, people above
    No one who wins, nothing to gain
    One day we’ll be gone, but this world will remain
    Stop typing, stop reading, get out, live your life
    Tomorrow you could be on the end of a knife

  14. Who gives a fuck what louder than war thinks?

    Show me some facts as to why M should hate on Tommy Robinson?

    Far too many snowflake wankers in the world today

  15. Look what happens when a rock star stays true to his beliefs rather than telling everyone what they want to hear. The funny thing is, I reckon more of your heroes feel the same way as Moz but are scared to speak up. The left, which used to be the bastion of freedom of speech is now the censor.

  16. JohnRobb : Dear Morrissey you have a different political opinion to me (Corbyn is the new Messiah and make Socialism finally work where everyone else has failed), how dare you! I’ll try to be cool about it, and dress it up as each to their own, but you’re simply not allowed (wrongthink). You must return to the echo chamber and virtue signal with the rest of us, or we’ll threaten to boycott you in our 1984 Ministry of Truth like ways.

    • Nope, nowhere does it say that he should have a different opinion but since when do we all have to sit there like nodding dogs and agreeing with every word? Just like you reply here I reply to what he says. Only difference is I don’t dig out weird cliches like ‘virtue signal’ or nowhere do I threaten to boycott anyone – that’s the fans own choice.

      • What is wrong with the phrase ‘virtue signal’?
        I suppose it is a cliche but really it is an extremely apt and succint way of describing a particular behaviour, so no wonder it is used frequently.

  17. Seems that some people are so stupid that they cannot even read any more. Nowhere in the well written piece does it call for Morrissey to be banned, nowhere does it call for him to not be allowed to play gigs or say what he thinks. It reads like a reply to his confusing interviews. In the 21st century of brain washed Daily Mail readers and pick and choose pub bores Morrissey is the worst offender – a very rich immigrant living in a mansion in LA telling other immigrants they can’t live in another country. His comments on everything from Kevin Spacey to Britain First are not only ugly but also alarmingly stupid – the real tragedy with Morrissey is not that he says things that as a former fan I don’t agree with it’s just how thick he sounds.

  18. I always liked Morrissey (since The Smiths days) for being open and honest. But he has gone too far by becoming offensive with his opinions. He could easily give opinions without sounding so bitter and insulting. Many fans feel hurt, some because they don’t share and feel insulted by your very strong opinions, others because they are part of those who you talk against (like me!). I’m a vegetarian and animal warfare activist Spanish citizen who came here in 1995 for three reasons: to live happily with my English partner, because of my love to English culture and because my huge admiration to my favourite singer, you! So, I guess that makes me an ‘immigrant’. One of those people that you consider so awful and dangerous for the country. Also, I felt insulted as European because your views on Brexit, based in very bad information coming from we all know who. You seem not to remember that outside the UK and USA, Europeans love you too and support you since you started. As we love this country too. We shall see from now!

    I used to tell my friends ‘I never can get tired of Morrissey!’. Now, that feeling is changing to the point that I find hard to look at the limited print I bought in a concert from your Years of Refusal tour. I feel like taking it down at times, as I feel sometimes that I can’t listen to your voice, because it brings to my memory the awful things you have said. Personally, I’d be happy if you give an apology to all, but that might not even be enough, cause now we know how you think. I wonder if your first album ‘Viva Hate’ was a premonition of what you have become and we didn’t see it coming. Nevertheless, I wish you all the best and I hope you can come out of this and don’t finish throwing your music career in the gutter.

    • He has said nothing about European people and Europe is not the European Union. They are two separate entities. The latter will no longer exist in 10 years anyway……

  19. This open letter sums things up perfectly for me, John Robb. A fan of old who was massively influenced by The Smiths; a teenager growing up in a Northern town – no jobs, no hope – for me The Smiths were a fantastic escape valve – amazing music used as the backing tracks to the lyrics that were my life. Song lyrics written by the misunderstood, awkward outsider that was Morrissey who was speaking for all of the misunderstood, awkward outsiders like me. Intellectual writings for intellectuals. All that seems to have disappeared. Look, we’ve all changed since 1985. My political leanings were definitely formed in the mid-80s and Morrissey and Marr were perhaps the biggest influencers on me. Now I see that Marr has kept his uber-coolness – still “in touch” with those of us that were in the know back then; an acceptance of multi-cultural Britain (and elsewhere); a true believer in inclusion and diversity. Morrissey on the other hand is showing his “embarrassing Uncle” side….you know the type – straight out of Mind Your Language or On the Buses….people of a particular kind (Jim Davidson, anyone?). We all know that what lies underneath all of Morrissey’s ramblings is a deep-seated racism; its not based on fear of Muslims, its not based on a lack of understanding of true Muslims, it is just plain old ignorance and stupidity. And bringing this back to your letter, John, Morrissey has let me down.

    • What utter drivel, is it uber-cool for you or your family to eat halal meat unaware it is halal?

      Is it uber-cool to allow multi-culturism become the be all and end all of most European countries so they have no distinguishable culture themselves anymore?

      Is it uber-cool that we have 23,000 potential jihadis living in this country?

      These questions are not racist, they have nothing to do with race or skin colour.

      • Wayne, not drivel, just my point of view.

        I am not offended in anyway by eating halal meat. I am a very happy meat-of-any-denomination eater. I often choose restaurants that serve exclusively halal meat (ever been to an Indian restaurant or ordered Indian takeaway? Most are halal only). In fact whenever I buy meat or order meat in a restaurant I don’t ever ask how the animal was killed.

        Europe has always been a melting pot of mixed cultures; even our Island Nation – Anglo Saxon? The name is the clue. I am very happy to be part of a mixed community and I accept that “our culture” is a moveable feast – always has been and always will be – Roman, Angles, Saxons, Jutes, Vikings, Normans, American (TV, films etc.) so why not Indian, Bangladeshi, French, Moroccan, Australian etc etc.

        Jihadis are not Muslims, they are terrorists. In the same way the IRA weren’t (aren’t?) catholics, they were (are?) terrorists and so it is wrong to tar Muslims with the Jihadi brush.

        But Morrissey’s anti-Islam diatribe is ill-informed, inaccurate and for me, smacks of hate. Which is why he has let me down. He is the son of immigrants that were once marginalised (“No Blacks, no dogs, no Irish”) so he should know better.

        You don’t agree with me, and I am not trying to convince you otherwise, but what I say and think is informed and it is what I believe, so it is valid.

        The bottom line to all of this is Love is better than Hate and we should all aim to meet Hate with Love.


        • I apologise for saying it was utter drivel, I said it in anticipation of some lefty abuse, but I respect your reply and your view.

          But I can relate to Morrissey’s politics as I tend to take bits from everyone, the only politicians I actually like are Corbyn and Dennis Skinner. But, like 17 million or so, I have concerns about immigration, and I am not a fan of terrorism or child abuse. No one is saying all muslims are terrorists or child abusers of course, indeed, a tiny percentage hate the west but that number still warrants some kind of action. I don’t think Morrissey is racist.

          The topic of immigration is nothing extreme, the Tories have been aiming to cut immigration for years but never really bother with it, but you can be sure, that a massive percentage of the people who voted for Brexit are bothered about it.

  20. Morrissey knows the truth. So did Mark E Smith, but because he was never an enemy of the luvvie media thay allowed him to get away with it.
    Changes have happened in this country that a lot ordinary people are not happy about. Their concerns are silenced with abrupt accusations of racism. It’s time for common sense to prevail.
    Viva Moz for speaking out!

  21. I started hearing his far right support some time back (2012) and simply refused to believe it, even after a careful re- listening to ” A Rush and the Land is Ours” from Strangeways.

    Pretty sure it was always there. It is just totally disheartening coming from one of my favourite bands/singers.

  22. Morrissey – Your true fans support your right to personal preference, opinion and to live your life as you see fit. The people attacking you want everyone to have their world view and if you do not conform, they want you silenced and will resort to violence if necessary. You see it is the white liberal who is the most hateful, intolerant people on the planet in the year 2018. They are obviously not paying attention, and or extremely ignorant to what’s happening around them. It is a mob mentality and the kind of simple thinkers that have always been a threat to all who dare differ in opinion. Apperantly, I cannot be vegan, phiscally conservative, non-violent, A-Political – support the rule of law, have my own opinions. The modern Morrissey hipster fans hate me because I am uncool, do not have tattoos and a do not mindlessly parrot whatever the news tells me to. I can’t handle the hate and I am glad we are going through this renaissance. I will see you again and we will dance and sing like we always have. The right couldn’t silence you, not let the left silence you. I need to know there is someone in the world you can speak their mind, misunderstood or not.

  23. i am a long standing fan since the days of listening as a schoolboy to hatful of hollow on a walkman on my paper round over 30 years ago and i have contimued through the patchy solo output . The smiths, billy bragg and other left leaning acts were influencial to young people in the years when ‘the great and the good gave way to the greedy and the mean’.
    his views are offensive, embarassing and go against everything his band and his fans ever stood for and stand for now. On top of this the latest album is dreadful , the one before that was worse than dreadful – in fact he hasnt done a decent album (in my opinion) since Vauxhall and I – which incidentally was 24 years ago

  24. Well John Robb, if you’re depressed about Moz, you’ll be bloody depressed reading some of this stuff. Christ, I despair.

  25. Never in the history of pop culture have there been fans of a pop star as brainwashed as Morrissey’s last few fans. The smart ones have had enough. The tour was a disaster. He couldn’t even sell 2000 tickets for the 9000 capacity Manchester gig and was trying to cancel it two weeks ago before any of this controversy. Morrissey fans are voting with their wallets. His views on everything are not just reactionary they actually sound stupid. Where there was once a smart mind there now seems to be sad and thick old man. No wonder he likes Tommy Robinson – a man who only protests against the odious Muslim grooming gangs but is never to be seen protesting outside the court of the endless stream of pervert priests or run of the mill paedophiles like Kevin Spacey who Morrissey defended.

  26. So what does the multi millionaire spoilt out of touch rock star Morrissey actually stand FOR? (apart from himself that is). His vague and poisonous utterings are one thing but what does he actually want? maybe his fans on this thread could help? we have tried to make a list…

    1. Remove all muslims from the UK?
    2. Ban all meat products
    3. Ban all black music
    4. The right to cancel gigs when he feels like it – sod the fans
    5. Spout of his views unchallegend
    6. Replace the royal family with himself as the only spoilt out of touch brat.
    7. Have his Trump-orrissey utterings given as much attention as the very similar lardy American president’s thick utterings
    8. Speak for the working class that he comes into contact with as they run around him like servile servants carrying his incense backstage and driving his limousine.
    9. become an expert of victims of sex crime

  27. Anybody that talks about the Manchester Arena bombing is obviously a fascist and that is the reason that people don’t. In fact anybody with an opinion that is different to the main stream globalist media is of course ‘far right’. The media do not have an agenda and never distort the truth. Just in case any right wing group actually really wants to hurt anybody we need to invent a new term ‘far far far far far far far alt alt alt alt alt alt right’. But anybody who doesn’t like murderers, rapist or terrorists if they are muslim is simply just a nazi. The OP is not jumping on any kind of bandwagon to gain unmerited attention.

  28. What’s with the capitals? Are you shouting? Fascism was smashed in 1945. The arguments has already been won.

  29. Mozza just keeps on being brave and truthful and those who are not brave or truthful, well, .. they don’t like it, so they do the following

    1) Behave like Chris Muscitelli
    2) Mourn like John Robb
    3) Ban like the BBC
    4) Scream “I’m offended…. do something” like the commuter in Merseyside when he sees Morrissey posters.

    Facing up to being a coward is difficult, and Morrissey forces people to do that – but – as they cant do it – they will have a tantrum instead.
    So don’t behave like Chris M or JR, and don’t have a tantrum like the BBC. Be brave, Be real. Entertain the thoughts of the great entertainer that is Morrisey.

    Getting confused? Look up the word “Integrity”

  30. I hope you go bankrupt with that ridiculous assessment of easily the most talented vocalist and without a doubt lyricist of the past 4 generations. A man that goes beyond his means to protect animal’s , and dislikes things that are inhumane. For us fans that know the real Morrissey…you wont catch us reading into the Fake news like you have. NOBODY CAN BRING MOZ DOWN, not you, not the guardian no one


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