Gig Goers Fightback

Last week we had an article about ticket touts using the dying Wilko Johnson’s farewell tickets as a means to cash in. Must have tickets are sold at an extortionate rate. Kraftwerk’s stint at the Tate Modern is a prime example of this where a pair of tickets (Face vale £120) was being sold on eBay for over £550. Now the consumer has started to fight back…

There is a growing amount of websites that are essentially ticket exchanges but the tickets MUST be sold at face value or below. Twickets on twitter (App available) and are two fantastic ideas where the consumer is king and goes a long way to fight against the touts that prey on a supply and demand. Also, if you sign up to, they email you with details of tickets that will be for sale that week and details of presales.

It is great to see the concert goers sticking together but shouldn’t the government intervene to stop all touts? And shouldn’t we be putting pressure on eBay to enforce the same type of rules as Twickets and Scarlet Mist?

There should be a clampdown on all touts and these websites are a great start. Is this the start of the end for touts or is this just some gentle resistance.

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  1. But what about sites like
    Legalised touting by the very company that’s selling the original tickets in the first place!!!!! creating their own demand outstripping supply.

  2. I totally agree. I also feel that touts outside gigs are only there to rip people off.
    A £12.50 Jake Bugg ticket was sold to someone outside the Academy for £70 last week.
    Unfortunately the tout keeps that little money earner, not the artist!

  3. Good to see people fighting back. The government doesn’t care because it doesn’t affect them. Maybe if touts started doing it with opera tickets and Chelsea seats they notice

  4. The government intervene ? Absolutely no chance of that ever. Ticket touting is the perfect illustration of the Tories favourite market forces at work. The website is a good idea though.

  5. I just wish i had the money to have this problem. I just refuse to buy ticket from touts, Try checking out smaller/new bands. You get to drink with them at the bar and in the future you can laugh at people paying silly money to see a band you saw in your local for a fiver.

  6. It would be a good step in the right direction if the whole music industry stopped burying their heads in the sand regarding this. Those WILKO tickets were made available via the NME. Their web site is fortunately (for us) a page where anyone can add comments to news stories that also display links on the same page directing you to VIAGOGO. It doesnt cost anything to complain so WRITE TO THE COMPANIES THAT ADVERTISE THIS PRACTICE and let them know how you feel. Parliament wont be doing anything for years but if NME really are there to cater for the music loving person then they’ll comment on this and maybe explain why they are currently condoning this practice.
    Are you reading this NME ? – time to say something don’t you think ?

    Ask questions of those that help these by advertising this nonsense – build up enough anger and maybe it might cease.

    Stop publications advertising this and the closer we’ll be to stopping it altogether.

  7. I have seen Wilko Johnson 3 times at Holmfirth before this tour. It had ever sold out before but was reasonably full. This time it sold out in a few hours. Fortunately I bought mine online as soon as possible as I was expecting the cockroaches to be interested. One way to minimise the touting problem would be to sell at the venue only and limit each person to say 2 tickets. Oh and Wilko was brilliant as usual.

  8. For UK ticket buyers, an irate fan has started a petition on the Downing Street website demanding that the UK Goverment regulate these ticket tout rip-off merchants: httpss://

    There was an attempt to pass a law in 2011 to do it, but it was, disgracefully, blocked by a lot of (mostly) Tories who didn’t see anything wrong with fans being ripped off. I’ve based this petition on that attempted law.


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