online petition launched against the bear hunting NRA supporting Metallica playing Glastonbury – will you sign?Online petition launched against the bear hunting NRA supporting Metallica playing Glastonbury – will you sign? or unpleasant band headline huge rock festival shocker.


There’s a lot of reasons why Metallica should not play Glastonbury, the main one being that they are actually quite boring.

There is now a Facebook page and online petition launched by animal rights activists to ban Metallica from performing at Glastonbury later this month.

Remove Metallica from Glastonbury Facebook page here.

Metallica appearing at Glastonbury has been mired with controversy since it was announced last month as a last minute replacement for Prince who was the original proposed booking.

Since the arrival of the American corporate rock behemoth all kinds of stuff has been circulating on the internet about frontman James Hetfield’s support of bear hunting.

The singer, who is also a member of America’s National Rifle Association is also narrating an eight-part History Channel TV series called The Hunt, which documents the killing of Kodiak brown bears in Alaska.

In response to this announcement, an online petition is now demanding that Metallica be banned from playing at Worthy Farm. The Facebook page ‘Remove Metallica from Glastonbury festival for their support of bear hunting’ has generated more than 13,000 likes since it was created on 25 May.
The page administrators describe the petition as “an appeal to the organisers of Glastonbury to remove Metallica from their line-up due to James Hetfield’s support of Big Game Hunting.” They add: “We believe this is incompatible with the spirit of Glastonbury and brings its good name into disrepute.”

Does it matter if band are horrible? does anyone out there still think musicians actually stand for anything apart from right wing stuff more in line with bankers? does Glastonbury actually represent any kind of ‘vibe’ or ‘spirit’ that contravenes Metallica’s- we’re confused- are you! comments please!

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  1. Hmm. While being vegetarian, I’m appalled by his attitude, but it’s not surprising really. The main point is that they are dull and unentertaining. But that didn’t stop Kings Of Leon or Mumford.

  2. Hetfield also supported the US government’s torture of prisoners in Iraq with the use of Metallica tracks played on a continous loop at high volume as part of a sleep depravation campaign, Chumbawamba wrote a song about it. What a piece of scum httpss://

  3. Michael Eavis was a supporter of the badger cull and it’s been a long time since Glastonbury stood for love and peace. Let the corpoprate whores get on with it. They have all lost what little respect any right minded humans had for them.


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