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2017 text

There’s far more people than we’d like convinced that music is dead, that there are no new bands worth listening to anymore, that everything good to hear that could be discovered has been unearthed, sold, repackaged and resold weaker. We couldn’t disagree more with these views.

Exciting music is happening everywhere and among the hundreds of new bands that get in our ears every year many of them are finding their own way and doing more interesting and inventive things than rehashing a past.

Artists do have to work harder than ever before to find you, and you have to put in effort to search for them. Mass media force feeding us all the same tunes as each other is something of that past, now we can unearth our own gems in the niche we carve for ourselves on the internet. But in this new frontier supporting artists, independent labels, independent record shops and live music is more vital than ever before – get out there and support music wherever and however you find it.

To get you started, every year we bring you a list of artists we think you should have your ear on over the coming 12 months. These are our recommendations, chosen by Louder Than War contributors, for ones to watch in 2017.

Ones to Watch in 2017

Glam Skanks

Describing themselves as drag rock for the masses and saying of their sound, “high-energy, free-spirited and lusty, with a bravado that screams Sunset Strip dreams and Hollywood nights that never end. They will wake you up, smack you down, get your heart beating and your mascara running” LA-based Glam Skanks are bringing back an unapologetic rock sound.


Welsh language post-folk four-piece band from Carmarthen already causing ripples in the industry.

Desperate Journalist

Signed to Fierce Panda the second album from post-punk London four-piece Desperate Journalist is due in March and a European tour will accompany.



Introducing them on LTW as a new band of the day back in January 2016 editor in chief John Robb said, “Cabbage are young lunatics from manchester who serve up a noisy and thrilling eccentric racket that has lots of great walked out elements in it but is somehow a glorious filthy pop racket. Noisy rhythms guitars nail the groove and the lyrics surge with a madness in their area and dark humour whilst loads of tripped out effects bounce around. As mad as the early Happy Mondays if they had preferred sixties garage guitars cranked to fuzzbox intensity.”


The Rhythm Method

Reviewing back in April 2016 Keith Goldhanger said, “These tunes are great catchy pop ditties that you can click your fingers to and sing along drunkenly to.”

Lilith Ai

Cassie Fox of LOUD WOMEN said, “One of the most powerful and beautiful voices I’ve ever heard up close – she makes the hair stand up on your goosebumps. Solid pop songwriting on everyday themes, delivered with a groovy playfulness. Look out for stonking new releases from Lilith in February.”

Find her on Facebook.


Louder Than War writer Simon Tucker said, “Equinox is another sign that the spoken word / avant garde scene is thriving at the moment and we could be about to witness an explosion in artists utilizing the genre.”


Gold Furs

Solo project of Glaswegian Becca Murray EP Dreams was released in November 2016 and we’re looking forward to hearing more over the next 12 months and beyond.


Louder Than War writer Roxy Gillespie said, “With vital tracks Darma look set to become a welcome breath of loud and lovely rock to blow away the insipid indie cobwebs.”



Post-Punk anarachists set to release debut album. Louder Than War writer Simon Tucker said, “Borne out of Pembrokeshire, Mwstard consist of members who were there at the birth of Punk and followed it through to its Anarcho leanings, avoiding the “No Future” pitfalls and instead following the sociological leanings of a band like Crass.”



Favourites of Blur guitarist and DIY supremo Graham Coxon, to whose Transcopic label they were once signed, Mower have made a return with a new single and the promise of more new music to come in 2017. Lo-fi garage rock with pop hooks galore in latest single Protest.


Louder Than War editor in chief John Robb said, “Think fierce punk tripping out on acid, or Space Ritual Hawkwind or a wild night out in Rotterdam where they are from. They are like new York’s No Wave cranked to the 21st century and their synth swooshes added to the guitar crank gives them a twist all over their own.”


Around for a couple of years now Louder Than War writer Paul Scott-Bates said, “Vukovar come from the Brutalist wastelands in the North of England. Ultra-Realism. Depravity. Monotony. Concrete. Hedonism. Silence. Vukovar are idealists, voyeurs and totalitarians.”


Southampton-based psych drone band taking influence from MBV among other classic spun out sounds.

The Big Moon

Louder Than War news editor Lee Hammond said, “They’re a powerhouse of a band with some exceptional hooks, a knack for great songwriting and incredible musical talent. Undoubtedly proving why they’ve been tipped for the big time and having now signed to Fiction we’re certain there are big things to come from this foursome.”

Pwr Bttm

American queer punk duo recently signed to Polyvinyl and working on their second album.

Hands Off Gretl

Louder Than War writer Sophie Sparham said, “Speaking about subjects such as one eyed girls, dolls and aliens; Burn the Beauty Queen is an alt rock pick and combines all the best elements of the alternative sub genre.”


Previously known as Happy Meal LTD the band are now renamed and back with more electronica and experimentalism.

Escape The Future

Repairing a pop-punk puncture rather than re-inventing the wheel, a bunch of youngsters from Hampshire who look set to upset the South Coast punk scene by being too damn good too young.


The Blinders

Hailed by editor in chief John Robb as, “LTW’s fave new band deliver a dramatic, dark and brooding new indie for the 21st century.”



Bringing to mind Kasabian at their early and urgent best, with touches of The Cribs in the gang vocals M O S E S  are masters at catchy and cathartic indie anthems.


Plastic Mermaids

Louder Than War’s Keith Goldhanger said, “These are huge soundtracks that’ll have you hugging your mates (or maybe even strangers). We get quiet bits, loud bits, a twinkling piano, the sound of a big orchestra and every now and then we experience the euphoria that Plastic Mermaids are capable producing in front of our eyes.”


All Hail Hyena

Introducing them as a new band of the day back in 2015 Louder Than War’s Paul Scott-Bates said of All Hail Hyena, “an array of sounds termed ‘postpunkmathrockgaragepsych’ which will make you sit up and spit out your tea.”


Dream Nails

Cassie Fox of LOUD WOMEN said, “Dream Nails is exactly the band we need to kick 2016 firmly in the balls and lead us into a glittering 2017 of feminist revolutionary punk pop. With a full album planned to follow up from their debut EP, DIY, look forward to seeing and hearing a lot of these young women this summer.

Deja Vega

Not the first time we’ve tipped this band for big things. Formed from the ashes of Deadbeat Echoes, who we signed to Louder Than War Records, Deja Vega are on a slow burn toward psych greatness.



Crystal Fairy

A supergroup formed from the Melvins, Le Butcherettes and At The Drive In Members we’re looking forward to a debut album from this collaboration in early 2017.

Our tips for 2017 continues here.

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  1. Happy New Year LTW!!

    Kill the Colossi should be on this list with their incediary debut single that artiulates what every beleagured ‘regular person’ that’s been taxed ’til they scream feels ‘Fu*k the Tax Man’

    Check out an article here – these feist fellas will be tearing up a venue near you in 2017:


    Please contact band supremo Steve ‘South Coast’ Higgins for any more info: therythmguy@gmail.com


  2. Is that really the future for 2017? What a load of bollocks.

    Having listened to all of the bands on this list, the vast majority are unoriginal and dull.

    The only people who are telling you that the music scene ain’t dead are the promoters, reviewers and photographer’s – otherwise they would be out of job.

    • Vincent Cocker, you are totally correct! Some of them are complete fakes created by “mighty” people whose protege they are.

    • This is a reply to Vincent Cocker & David Antrobus –
      I hereby give you a timely reminder that many if not all of us here do not do this for a living. We’re out to impress no one other than ourselves at fortunate meetings with these people that make this music and keep our interests up. At the time of writing (these were chosen by many different writers on the site who hardly know each other let alone collude with each other as I believe you may be suggesting) we’re half way through the year and I’m back on this page because I’ve bumped into some of these bands this year who I love to bits and was looking to see if anyone else had beaten me to it regarding telling the world about them. I’m please to discover that other writers on here have been giddy with exitement about some of these bands long before I have and I’d be interested to know what’s floated your boats during the year of 2017 so far ? Keith xx

  3. This is a reply to Vincent Cocker.
    You obviously don’t go to gigs and are a boring NME reader. There are very good bands on that list who will be bringing music to the masses so do yourself a favour and get yourself down to a gig now again you might like it instead of watching X Factor on the telly

  4. Thanks for the great list of band. But i personally think that (just my personal opinion) the best quality song or music ever produced is before the internet era was born. After the internet era is start to popular and also the rising of the smartphone era, not many song or music can be considered as original and had quality of great music. People are getting busy with the internet life and entertainment. Before internet came, music is one of the main source of entertainment, and every musician and band need to compete to produce the best song so as to capture their own audience. However, today’s music is good, but not great and got some kind originality.


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