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More Ones to Watch 2017

Autumn Diet Plans

Great grunge vibes from this Nottingham band who we hear are working on a debut long player for release next year.


Harmonious and catchy as hell pop with new material due in 2017.

Tough Tits

Louder Than War editor Sarah Lay said, “There is a feral quality to these first tracks and in the approach of the band, control lies firmly with this three-piece through their confrontational critiques; this is riot grrrl in it’s most-punk form. There’s all kinds of feminist punk that this follows on from – The Slits, Bikini Kill, Kitten Forever – but for a band just six months into their life this is a wonderfully independent, wild, fun and frantic introduction.”

Unqualified Nurse Band

This band only got together in their current line up early in 2016 but have already cracked out a debut so good it made our top 50 albums of the year. We hear they’re working on the follow up now and we’re already looking forward to catching them live again in the new year.


Sly Antics

Louder Than War writer Nigel Carr said, “Sly Antics stray variously from the lyrical bounce and energy of early Artic Monkeys through Chilli Pepper style Funk and Indie to full blown Pulled Apart By Horses Rock.”

George Glew

Singer-songwriter from Bath by way of Cardiff.

Pleasure Complex

Catching their set in London earlier in December Keith Goldhanger wrote, “These four chaps work hard on this you can tell. The tunes, the video, the teaser videos, the way they look on stage, and the avoidance of it all appearing a bit wacky. Cardiacs this is not (quite) but it might remind a few of Blur or Everything Everything all messed up with bells on. It could be Depeche Mode (when Vince was part of them) -pissing around, ten times faster but keeping a straight face and not pretending to be all moody and glum.”



We’ve been backing this post-punk Manchester three-piece since they released debut single Never There at the end of 2015. Fresh from the release of double-A single Disappear / Be Here, produced by Paul Tipler (Idlewild, Placebo, Earl Brutus) we’re looking forward to a debut long player in 2017.


The Middens

The Middens music has been shaped also by their surroundings, and with stark realism they tell of kitchen sink dramas, social injustice and working class struggles.


Petrol Girls

Cassie Fox of LOUD WOMEN said, “The band’s explosive performance at September’s LOUD WOMEN Fest was my gigging highlight of the year. Punk’s not dead: it was just waiting for Ren Aldridge to resurrect it. With a debut album, Talk of Violence, already gaining the attention of the national broadsheets, it can’t be long before every teenage girl in the country is singing along to ‘Touch me again and I’ll f***ing kill you’. And not before time.”

The Schizophonics

With recent support slots with Little Barrie San Diego’s Schizophonics put in explosive live performances and rock n roll soaked sounds to match.


Bad Breeding

Louder Than War writer Joe Whyte said, “If you are a fan of the more extreme end of the punk genre, walk this way. Bad Breeding take elements of The Pop Group’s schizo-funk, The Birthday Party’s free-jazz-dissonant aggro and Crass’s politics and hog-tie them to their very own ballistic charge.”



Louder Than War writer Ged Babey said, “Influenced by, seemingly, the Beach Boys, Pixies and the punkier end of Britpop & Indie they look like one of those bands who ‘look shit but sound great’ and spend more time playing and having fun then in marketing meetings with image consultants.”



Dark and sarcastic lyrics matched with soaring vocals and powerful guitar hooks.



Shock Machine

Solo project from former Klaxons frontman and Mercury Prize winner James Righton. The debut EP, released in March 2016, was described as a ‘melodic, psychedelic masterpiece.’


Babe Punch

Making waves around their native Nottingham and Derby Babe Punch have honed their sound and set over the last 12 months. Louder Than War editor Sarah Lay said, “A young, new band who seem to have quickly found their sound and have an unusually deep set of influences coming through, a tight live sound that doesn’t restrict their sense of fun.”



Louder Than War writer Keith Goldhanger said, ““Never Had A Dream”, the title track from the EP could be (this years) Pulp’s ” Sorted for E’s and Wizz” but without the drug references- it’s a catchy anthem that we imagine being embraced by the world outside this East London venue before the end of the year.”


Keith Goldhanger said, “This is a sharp tearful pop tune backed by the smoothest background beat you are simply just waiting to soundtrack some big event in your life that may or may not happen.”

Girl Band

We first wrote about Girl Band back in 2014 but we’re still raving about them now. Keith Goldhanger said, “Girl Band are all about dynamics, the frequencies each individual up there are responsible for throwing out of the speakers, the grove, the hypnotic beats that can get the listener shuffling from one foot to the next, dancing as though we’re in a field at four o’clock in the morning or at times throwing whole bodies into whilst colliding with others in the process as each song builds.”


A great mix of hardcore metal and punk from this German band.

Rosie Bans

Louder Than War writer Paul Scott-Bates said, “The inevitable ‘female singer therefore must sound like Kate Bush’ quote comes here but Walking In The Cold does have hints of the great one in terms of instrumentation. Its simplicity holds an amazing feel which is difficult to achieve let alone sustain without falling into oblivion, Bans holds it and delivers.”

Rose Redd

Another artist we’ve championed for a while at Louder Than War and who we’re keen to hear more from in 2017. You should catch up ahead of new releases.

Feral Five

Groundbreaking act whose last single Rule 9 was a collaboration with the world’s leading 3D printing designer Francis Bitonti. Labelled as #datapop – Francis sonified his algorithms and Kat and Drew sculpted synths, beats, and vocals in nine languages including Russian, Mandarin and Icelandic.


Louder Than War’s Paul Scott-Bates said, “Their ability to craft simple and effective pop efforts is a rare thing in today’s climate of throwaway trite is second to none.”


Multi-instrumentalist James Machin is set to complete his trilogy of albums around the theme of grief in 2017. If you have missed the first two catch up now ahead of the final instalment.


Louder Than War’s Paul Scott-Bates describes Pulco as an artist in his ascendency, saying of latest album Farmyard & Library as, “possibly his most innovative and widely entertaining one to date.”


We Are Quasars

Paul Scott-Bates says of the Carlise indie-rockers, “it’s easy to see why BBC Radio Cumbria have been quick to champion We Are Quasars and it is surely only a matter of time before their national Auntie sits up and listens too.”

Broughton Street Sailors

Edinburgh poet Roy Møller and NYC poet and Antifolk legend Lach, fuse primal guitars with a sharp and heartfelt lyrical flair, Joined by Leith-bred rhythm section of Dave Paul and Ian Stoddart, they recast the rhythmic snap of the Beats from Bebop to Sun Records.

The band are yet to make anything available online but Louder Than War’s Gus Ironside is tipping them for good stuff in 2017.



Find our top 50 recommended albums of 2016 here.

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