Frank Turner is voting - are you?
Frank Turner is voting - are you?
Onefest is a unique new festival set up to support the emergence of new industry talent  to be held at the Roundhouse in London on May 12th to 15th.
 Headlined by Frank Turner it’s also about new bands and new ideas.
With an emphasis on new bands they have whittled down their new band stage to 20 acts that were were chosen from over 800 acts via Music Glue.
To decide the final 8 slots for their Nick Alexanger Stage at Lost Evenings, they need your help and are running an online poll here… 
Also! one winning act will get to perform on the acoustic stage at Lost Evenings and collaborate on a song with Frank & the Sleeping Souls.
They’ve gone for a duel style online poll that means you have to choose one of two acts and the page refreshes after each, generating another random pairing. This is in the hope of making it more about the music of each artists than a pure popularity contest. whilst making fans of each artist engage with more music.

There a link to a playlist of all 20 for simplicity here


The aim is to get more exposure for the shortlisted acts, rather than simply the final 8 and to get more new music out there for all of us to listen to!


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