One way song 2
One way song 2

One way song 2

One-Way Song

Riviera Nightmare


Out now

Having reviewed their last single release here, I was buoyed to find that One-Way Song were riding the momentum of their last release with a new single which is from an upcoming album called ‘Passionate Leave’.

Continuing from my last thoughts, this band seems to effortlessly produce oddball music that sticks in the brain and makes you glad you opened up the email from the band.

Squelchy distorted guitar starts this track and soon after an insistent keyboard back line comes in to compliment a backing guitar that works beautifully.

The computerised vocals so wonderfully used in their last release take over and the keyboards take on an electronica beat. The noisy guitar continues on through into the background which enables the melodies and song structure to shine through to reveal what is so great about One-Way Song. They are otherworldly and are like nothing you have ever heard before. They are just slightly odd, but they make sense.

And surely this is what art is about? Nothing needs to immediately make sense and/or be pretty in the first instance. And One-way Song fit that bill perfectly.

Alongside One-Way Song (vocalist Angus Macalister and lyricist Luke Gilfedder), the track also features drums from Keiron Melling (drummer for The Fall) and guitar from Mat Arnold, who co-produced the track at Hilltown Studios.

One-way Song can be found via their Soundcloud and they tweet as @OneWaySong .

Words by Ioan Humphreys. More writing by Ioan can be found at his author’s archive. You can also find him on Twitter at @ioan_humphreys.

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