One Sided Horse- the brilliant introspective side project from Evil BlizzardWe all know about Evil Blizzard now.


Artfully brilliant rubber masked drone rock freaks whose album was so good that we had to release it on LTW records.

It turns out that drummer/singer Mark Whiteside is a bit of a dark horse, a One Sided Horse in fact.


That’s the name of his introspective side project where he deals melodic melancholia of stark and strange beauty on a solo album that features 10 simple songs played on guitar and basic piano. It was an album that took 3 years to write and is captivating in its crafted brilliance.

‘People have likened it to Nick drake, Nick Cave and Johnny Cash but I wouldn’t put myself in that camp!!!’ he modestly states before adding,  ‘It’s a departure from Evil Blizzard with songs for quiet nights.’


For more details on One Sided Horse and a chance to see Blizzard unmasked go to the Facebook page.




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