one-heartOne Heart. A tribute to Bob Marley & the Wailers -brought to you by Specialized Project in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust

Since 2012 Specialized has brought together amateur and professional musicians to raise funds for The Teenage Cancer Trust and The National Foundation for Youth Music.  To date they have released four compilation albums Specialized 1 – A Modern take on Specials classics a tribute to The Specials
Specialized 2 – Beat Teenage Cancer a tribute to The Beat
Specialized 3 – Mad Not Cancer a tribute to Madness
Specialized 4 – Combat Cancer a tribute to The Clash.

This year it’s the turn of Bob Marley. 67 tracks by over 70 artists from all over the world, in a boxed set of 4 CD’s for less than £20 inc P&P

There is an 84 page, full-colour booklet you can download here which tells you all about the bands, artists and songs.  You can buy the CD-set from here.

The bigger names include Skatalites Ft. Doreen Shaffer, Black Slate  and  Annabella Lwin.  But members of Madness and the Specials feature on other tracks and a whole host of international reggae, ska, soul, jazz, and ska-punk musicians from Jamaica, Europe, the States and the UK.

The project was brought to my attention by my showbiz/music-biz buddies Kevin Eldon and Micko Westmoreland who are members of the Spammed  with Horace Panter (Specials), Neil Innes (Bonzo’s, Rutles) and Rat Scabies.  They covered Tommy Gun for last years Clash covers comp, and now attack I Shot the Sheriff. Micko told me;

An Artist friend Harry Pye & myself put the Spammed together. I always have to take the enthusiasm level down several notches when we meet up. Not only are the musicians superb, but the music histories are second to none. Rat & Horace comprise the rhythm section and play very tight. Not to mention Neil Innes from the Rutles (my favourite band) & Kevin with his scalextrics set, I mean skill set. Kevin’s performances are as fantastic in the vocal department as they are and you have seen on screen. As you can imagine, things can get very funny! I tend to keep my head down, play as best as I can, keep everyone stocked up with tea & biscuits’…  We are very proud to be a part of Specialized.

(Micko’s own band play their first ever live show supporting David Devant & his Spirit Wife at the Islington on Sat 19th November)

Below is the the full list of songs and artists, but it goes without saying, a worthy cause and from what I’ve heard some great, interesting and fun cover versions … so in (a different) Bobs immortal words ‘Give ’em ya money!’  Or buy it as a Xmas present for the rude boy/girl in your life.

Buffalo Solider – Swagga
Caution – Levi
Chances Are – Long John Silver
Cheer Up – Annabella Lwin
Coming in from the cold – Third Beat Drop
Cornerstone – Big Fat Panda
Could you be loved – Steel City Rhythm
Crisis – Indeed
Do you feel the same way – Great Eskape
Exedos – Ag Lyonz
Easy Skankin – Bim Skala Bim
Forever Loving Jah – Ten Bob Notes
Fussin & Fighting – Skalinskis
Get Up Stand Up – Black Symbol
Guiltiness – Billy Brown
Holligans – The Crombies
Hurting Inside – Millie Manders & The Shut Up
I shot the Sheriff – The Spammed
Iron Lion Zion – Rude Boy George
Is this love – Tinkerman
Jah Love – Riveria Rockers
Jammin – One Love Orchestra
Johnny Was – Feckin Ejits
Judge Not – The Pressure Tenants
Kinky Reagge – King Hammond
Let the Sun Shine on Me – The Uplifters
Lively up yourself – The Silencerz Ft. Lee Thompson
Lively up yourself – The Funaddicts
Midnight Ravers – The Skapones
Natural Mystic – Bluebird Parade
Nice Time – Skatalites Ft. Doreen Shaffer
No more trouble – Auburn
No Woman No Cry – Choir Vibe with The Reggaskas
One Cup of coffee – Charley Organaire ft Akasha
One Drop – Picaretas Reggae
One Love – Pat Powell
Pimper’s Paradise – The Equators
Punky Reggae Party – The Rough Kutz
Put it on – Splitters
Rat Race – The Activators
Real Situation – The Almighty Uprisers
Rebel Music(3 O’Clock Roadblock) – Dubclass
Redemption Song – Black Slate
Ride Natty Ride – Duppy Conquerors
Rude Boy – The OzSkas
Running Away – Wolf bites boy (ft Sheena McDonagh)
Satisfy My Soul – Sa Ratapignata
Simmer Down – Uptown Ska Collective
Small Axe – Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra
Soul Rebel – Erin Bardwell Collective
Soul Shakedown Party – Spahnis Dub Dancers
Stir It Up – Calypso Joe, Lord Dango and Yeyo Montana
stop that train – The Hacklers
Sun is Shining – Special Brew
The Heathen – Steve Thompson & the Incidents
Them Belly Full – Glyn Wilcox
Three little birds – Ruta Traveling
Three Little Birds – Pelenna Valley Male Voice Chior
Trenchtown Rock – The Millmen
True Love & Affection – Greg Coulson
Turn Your Lights Down Low – Button Up
Waiting in Vain – Jean Mclean
Wake Up And Live  – Lionstar
Want More – Donette Forte & the Urban Lions
War – Joycelyn and the Dots
Who the cap fit – Urang Matang
Zimbabwe – The Pilfers feat The Doped Up Dollies

Buy One Love from here, now ….or  check out this gig ….


All words  Ged Babey, except those copied from Specialized website 

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Ged Babey is 56. from Southampton, has written since 1985 for Sound Info, Due South, various fanzines and websites, contributed to Record Collector magazine and was sole author of 'Punk Throwback' fanzine -the name of which was taken from an insult hurled at him by the singer with a young band he managed for a while. Ged believes that all good music and art has a connection with punk rock.


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