Boy band One Direction have been accused of ripping off the Clash on their new single ‘Live While We’re Young’.


We don’t really mind this kind of thing. Pop music is full of nicks and the riff in question was maybe borrowed by the great Mick Jones for the Clash song.


What do you think?

Does it matter? Should someone cough up to the Clash or the Sharks or whoever wrote the riff!

Mick Jones is a genius and One Direction are a very successful boy band who don’t write songs and wont even know where the riff came from…does that matter?


In two years will anyone care who One Direction are…




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  1. Bit of a harsh comparison really, there is obviously a huge similarity with the opening riff but the main track is completely different unlike Beats International dub be good to me’s blatent rip off of Guns of Brixton! There are only a certain number of sequences chords can be played n similarities are bound to happen, I’m sure even the ardent of Punk bands would admit to rippin off the odd track or two! I think its too easy to pick up on things like this and accuse toss bands of tryin to make money from other people but lets face it there’s always some arse hole who’s gonna buy their material no matter what shit they turn out and it won’t ever deflect the ethos of Punk, even when slaughtered by Frankie Coccoza!!!

  2. It’s not a big deal (modern music by its nature is a cynical recycling machine) and certainly not the first example of ‘pop goes Clash’ – did anyone else notice that Saturday Night by Whigfield was a melodic steal from Spanish Bombs?

    I was actually more concerned about songs by Madonna (Beautiful Stranger) and Pink (Feel Good Time) ripping off Love and Spirit tunes respectively but that probably had more to do with William Orbit’s tastes than anything else.

  3. mind, before there’s any talk of riff-stealing, it’s worth checking out a song called ‘little latin lupe lu’ on youtube, coz that’s where mick jones ‘borrowed’ the ‘should i stay…’ riff from.

  4. […] right too. It\’s now pretty much an accepted fact that they were the one band capable of taking up The Clash\’s mantle as the punk band who could break out of the rigid expectations of what a punk band could […]


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