One Direction declared most influential people on twitter in UK in new top 1-

One Direction have been declared the most influential people in the UK on twitter according to a stats survey by Peerindex.


The survey that works out influence and reaction to tweets rather than the sheer number of followers has thrown up some surprising and frankly rather strange results with all 5 members of One Direction in the top 10 list of most influential users with the boy band taking up the top five places, with Ed Sheeran, David Cameron, Piers Morgan, Caitlin Moran and Ricky Gervais also in the top 10.


The survey throws up many interesting points on twitter and the way it works and the way it has fragmented into many separate worlds that have very little interaction with eachother, Is this a mirror to our contemporary culture or just a reflection of the type of people that use twitter?


According to an interview in the Guardian the PeerIndex founder Azeem Azhar stated.


“As Twitter has become more mainstream, the top 140 starts to resemble the contours of popular culture and power, the footballers, politicians and boy bands,”

“However, social media’s democratising effects still allow those with challenging, well-defined or interesting views to build influence. Witness the number of independent media stars, like Marius Listhrop and Dan Howell and authors like Owen Jones and Caitlin Moran.”

Corporate and brand accounts were excluded from the list, as were parody accounts and journalists from the main national newspapers, although those with external activities such as writing books (Moran and Jones, for example) stayed in.


We are not sure what this says about us as a nation or if we are on the verge of a twitter nervous breakdown,

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