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Steve Barker the legendary DJ from the ON The Wire show on Radio Lancs has been turning us onto great reggae tunes for decades. His weekly show is the best cutting edge radio show in the Uk with lots of music from reggae to noise

In a new feature for LTW he will be selecting track a week for us…
This week Steve has chosen Digitaldubs featuring YT, who come from Rio in Brazil and do a great digidub style that mixes old school reggae and dub sound system warmth with a modern hi tech…once you have checked this track out listen to the rest of their stuff on the internet- lots of great tunes and it’s great to hear the Brazilian Portuguese vocals…

Steve Barker says…

“here’s a tune that captures the internationalisation of modern digi
reggae with a collaboration between UK toaster YT and from Rio’s
Digitaldubs, also one half of Bristol’s Dubkasm, paying tribute to
“sound system culture” with some ruff dancehall action ……..


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