To Celebrate the Release of a Documentary about Wu Tang Clan’s Old Dirty Bastard We Present “Ten Things You Might Not Have Known About the O.D.B”It’s now nearly nine years since Old Dirty Bastard passed away, on November the 13th 2004, due to a drug overdose – a lethal mix of cocaine and prescription drug Tramadol. So in honor of his life, and the release of ‘Dirty – Platinum Edition‘,  a new documentary telling the tale of  his life, we present you with a list of “Ten things you might not of known about the O.D.B”.

1- Russell Tyrone Jones, aka ODB, aka Dirt MgGirt, aka Big Baby Jesus, aka O’l Dirty Chinese Restaurant and aka Osirus… (the man loved his akas) was actually a descendant of the ‘Shinnecock’ American Indian tribe, a recognised Indian nation located on the east end of Long Island.

2-The first rap group he was in consisted of fellow Wu Tang members and family (his cousins; RZA & GZA) called ‘All In Together Now’ who had some success with an underground single of the same name.

3- His name Old Dirty Bastard derives from the fact he claimed that there was no father to his style, a style totally unique to him influenced by no other rapper.

4- Old Dirty was father to 13 children, by several wives.

5- In 1997 ODB was on scene at a car crash outside his Brooklyn recording studio, he and a friend ran to the accident and organised twelve onlookers to help them lift up a Ford Mustang off a four year-old girl who was trapped underneath, saving her life.


6- In 1998 he was arrested in a Virginia Beach store for shoplifting a pair of $50 trainers , even though he had $500 on him at the time.

7- In 1999 he was arrested for wearing a bulletproof vest, the first ever to be convicted on such crime under a new California law.

8- In 2000 ODB did a bunk from a drug treatment facility in which he’d been ordered to attend by the courts. But he blew his cover when police eventually saw and arrested him outside a Philadelphia MacDonalds restaurant signing autographs to a crowd of people.

9- When released from his prison sentence ‘Dirty’ signed to Rock-a-Fella records for which he quickly recorded a solo album for. Though originally due to be released through Dame Dash’s Music Group in 2004 it has never seen the light of day and has been shelved indefinitely.

10- …and lastly, the new Documentary bio on the man himself titled ‘Dirty, the Platinum Edition’ is due to be released on November 15th at the NUHO film fest.

Below is Wu Tang’s Method Man from the new Documentary: Dirty, Platinum Edition which you can pre-order from Wu now. 


All words by Carl Stanley. More writing by Carl on Louder Than War can be found at his author’s archive.

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