Louder Than War Interview: Olga of The Toy DollsPhoto of Olga of the Toy Dolls © Dod Morrison.

The Toy Dolls have just finished a UK tour, Louder Than War photographer Dod Morrison was at two of the shows, one in Sunderland, Olga’s home town, which they hadn’t played for 30 years, and also Glasgow – both were brilliant shows. Dod managed to get front man Olga to answer a few questions ranging from his favourite food to playing at The Rebellion Festival.

Dod: You have just finished your first UK tour in a good while, how did it go?

Olga – Highly enjoyable! And what a lovely warm loyal crowd, EVERYWHERE! Local crews and treatment were nice too! Twas a pleasure! But knackered now though!

How did you feel playing Sunderland your home town for the 1st time in 30 years?

Oh, a bit surreal! Felt like being in a dream, so many people we knew from the past there! A very special night for me obviously, but the nerves didn’t help!

Louder Than War Interview: Olga of The Toy DollsWhat is your favourite country or venue to play?

Ah, I wouldn’t like to single out one particular country! Wouldn’t be fair, Japan is great for many reasons, France mega too, Brazil, Spain, Argentina are probably the wildest party people! Germany & Switzerland rock, and Austria, Poland, Czech Republic & Hungary, I love Sweden & Norway also, Russia too …..Bah, EVERYWHERE ROCKS!

I read that originally you could only play if you wore your sunglasses, is that still the case?

Yep, always has been! Already a bag o’ nerves with them on, never mind taking them off n’ playin’!

How long will you keep touring. As a very big part of your show is jumping about etc, when you can’t do that anymore would you still play?

Mmm, tough one, as soon as we can’t manage certain jumps & choreography, then we will stop, I wouldn’t wanna carry on if we couldn’t do the full stage show, so probably a couple more weeks I guess!

Can you remember that ‘eureka moment’ when you decided, that’s it I want to be in a band?

Yes, when I saw Suzi Quatro on Top of the Pops, it’s her fault!

Some bands have outrageous items on there riders what’s the weirdest thing you have asked for if any?

Ha, boring rider we have, water, water water…., we did ask for Cadburys flakes a few years back, but they didn’t have them outside o’ the UK, so they used to give us 30 boxes of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes instead!

Louder Than War Interview: Olga of The Toy Dolls
When writing your songs what comes first, the lyrics or the music?

It differs all the time, but generally the melody, but could be a lyric or title or whatever.

And how do you get your ideas for songs?

From everyday life, keep listening to gossip & people talkin’ on the bus, and try to absorb everything that’s going around.

When not touring or writing songs, what do you do to relax?

Well, on those rare moments. I like the theatre, TV, walking… Punk or what!

What bands are you listening to just now?

Ella Fitzgerald, Chet Baker or silence!

What is your favourite food?

Cauliflower cheese.

Million dollar question will you ever play The Rebellion Festival?



The vinyl versions of “Our Last Album?” and “Classic Toy Dolls” have just bee released via Randale Records.

Check out Dod’s Photo Review of the Sunderland gig.

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