sex snobs

sex snobs

Louder Than Wars Ioan Humphreys reviews Oklahoma city based-noise band Sex Snobs and is VERY impressed with what he hears.

Sex Snobs hail from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and have the kind of spunk and attitude as Royal Trux once did in the 90s. They have recently completed some noisy trips on tour and self released some recorded weirdness since 2014.

Their latest release is called “Farewell to the sun” and its video contains nudity, scary violent visuals, as well as abrasive noise and attitude not seen since Sonic Youth’s Death Valley 69

But rewind to “Pop songs and other ways to die” and this band really comes into their own! These songs mix serious tunes along with shoegazing moment and some chaotic, but well constructed melodic noise.

They seem from the outset to run the whole spectrum of rock/noise styles, as well as at the same time retaining their unique take on the world…whatever I fear this may be? Some love songs. Some all out rock songs!  But all with a low-fi immediacy that sets them apart from the usual also runs you hear these days.

I fear Sex Snobs may be around for a little while yet……..Nice…………


More from Sex Snobs can be found on Facebook/

All words by Ioan Humphreys. More writing by Ioan Louder Than War can be found at his author’s archive.

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