Oh Yes! it’s Luke Haines week! The Auteurs and Baader Meinhof remaster and reissue!3 Loop Music have announced details of the re-release of The Auteurs New Wave and the self-titled album from Badder Meinhof.

New Wave & Baader Meinhof – expanded and re-mastered editions 27th January 2014.

Released on Monday January 27th 2013, both feature re-mastered versions of the original albums alongside bonus and previously un-released material.

The Baader Meinhof release features a number of un-released remixes, while bonus material onNew Wave includes tracks from their acoustic EP, single B-sides, radio sessions and previously un-released demo versions of album tracks.

Originally released in February 1993 on Hut Records, New Wave was the debut album by The Auteurs, fronted by Luke Haines. Produced by Phil Vinall and Haines, the album featured the singles Showgirl and How I Could Be Wrong.

Luke Haines recalls the recording of the album:

By August 1992 we began recording what would become the New Wave album. We were still unsigned but it didn’t matter – the record companies had formed a disorderly queue and were waving their chequebooks like drowning men. Our manager (oh yes) was confident enough to bankroll the recording sessions and with a sufficient budget of 10k we booked ourselves into a studio for three weeks in the no-man’s land of Hoxton, East London.

The recording sessions were notably un-traumatic. The songs – and I had them to spare – were bullet proof. The producer who was to become a good friend — Phil Vinall — was sympathetic. The bass and drums were ‘laid down’ in less than a week, the rhythm section was sent home and I was free to apply all that I had learned about rock and roll, erasing all the mistakes I had made in the past. Some 21 years later and the album still sounds great. There is not a note that I would change.

By October, and after a satisfying label chase, The Auteurs were signed to Hut records. The label knew that they had one in the bag. There was nothing to do but go out on tour with Suede. By now Suede were in their full-on teenage rampage phase. Even more confident, even more brutal. The kids were going fuck-mental for them. I watched from the wings most nights on that tour, revelling in their mastery of the stage. I knew that we could never ‘blow them away’. I also knew that I could never be a front man like Brett. I was far too self conscious (and frankly wasn’t the gyrating type). None of this mattered in the slightest, as I also knew that we had New Wave. I’m not one to get hung up on a time, I like to move forward. 1992 though, was a helluva time.

The Auteurs would go on to release 3 further albums, Now I’m A Cowboy (1994), After Murder Park (1996) and How I Learned To Love The Bootboys (1999).

Baader Meinhof was originally released in September1996. Taking its name from two renowned members of The Red Army Faction, the album tells the story of the organisation and was recorded by Haines between Auteurs albums.

By May 1995 the recording of The Auteurs third album After Murder Park had been completed – in 13 days. The recording session with Steve Albini was a blast. We concocted elaborate studio in-jokes, went out to dinner, hung out and sniggered at the burgeoning British pop/rock scene. The resulting album was great, although it took me a while to fully appreciate it. I was unused to recording the Albini way – live in a few takes with just a few overdubs – so at the end of the process I felt like someone coming ’round after having had their kidneys quickly whipped out for the human organ black market.

I had time on my hands. After Murder Park for one reason or another, wasn’t scheduled for release until early 1996. ‘So why don’t I just record another album in the meantime?’ Why not indeed.

I spent the summer of 1995 plotting and planning and re-acquainting myself with Phil Vinall who had produced the first two Auteurs albums, and who was now stewing over my working with Steve Albini. I allowed Phil to drone on about how crap the forthcoming After Murder Park was until he got it out of his system. Scabs picked at – we then proceeded to get drunk a lot, and procure as many fucked up old synths as we could afford. The new/(old) instruments would become a big part of the new record, as would my capacity for ‘pot.’ In short, by 1995 I was a committed stoner. The only time I would not smoke dope was when I was in the studio. I was probably a lot of fun to be around.

Dope was smoked. Songs were written. My head fizzed with the new funk vision. My day time gig of course was leading a somewhat disaffected white boy guitar band. But – by night – for these new recordings I was George Clinton producing a malevolent KC and the Sunshine band all jacked up on militant Last Poets bongo rhyme. In my mind at least. This Baader Meinhof album was the new direction for dance music. I was taking the funk and I was breaking the fucken funk. Dance music for the brain, movies for the ear.

I have on occasion been asked if I would release the BM album now – and I would consider recording a sequel album? The answer to both questions is ‘No’ – and for the same reason; I have little or no interest in the RAF/Baader Meinhof Gang these days. That said, I feel this elpee is one of my better attempts in the world of unpopular song.

A few loose ends. The name of the album is I suppose ‘Baader Meinhof’ though I’m non-commital on that one. The name of the group/artist is not Baader Meinhof – there is no group or artist and it is most certainly not a solo album. For the benefit of record shops file under ‘B’

Luke Haines – December 2013

The remaining Auteurs albums will be released by 3 Loop later in 2014.

The track listing of the albums are as follows:

New Wave

Disc 1

Original album

1. Showgirl

2. Bailed Out

3. American Guitars

4. Junk Shop Clothes

5. Don’t Trust The Stars

6. Starstruck

7. How I Could Be Wrong

8. Housebreaker

9. Valet Parking

10. Idiot Brother

11. Early Years

12. Home Again

Bonus material

13. Subculture (They Can’t Find Him) (LP bonus 7” / hidden track on CD)

14. She Might Take A Train (LP bonus 7”)

15. Glad To Be Gone (Showgirl B-side)

16. Staying Power (Showgirl B-side)

17. Wedding Day (How I Could Be Wrong B-side)

18. High Diving Horses (How I Could Be Wrong B-side)

Disc 2

1. Housebreaker (Rough Trade Singles Club 7”)

2. Valet Parking (Rough Trade Singles Club 7”)

3. Housebreaker – acoustic (Live Acoustic EP)

4. Junk Shop Clothes – acoustic (Live Acoustic EP)

5. Starstruck – acoustic (Live Acoustic EP)

6. Home Again – acoustic (Live Acoustic EP)

7. Junk Shop Clothes (BBC Radio Session)

8. New French Junkshop (BBC Radio Session)

9. Government Bookstore (BBC Radio Session)

10. How Could I be Wrong (BBC Radio Session)

11. Bailed Out (4-track demo) *

12. American Guitars (4-track demo) *

13. Showgirl (4-track demo) *

14. Glad To Be Gone (4-track demo) *

15. Starstruck (4-track demo) *

16. Early Years (4-track demo) *

Baader Meinhof

1. Baader Meinhof

2. Meet Me At The Airport

3. There’s Gonna Be An Accident

4. Mogadishu

5. Theme From Burn, Warehouse, Burn

6. GSG-29

7. …It’s A Moral issue

8. Back On The Farm

9. Kill Ramirez

10. Baader Meinhof

Bonus material

11. I’ve Been A Fool For You (LP bonus 7”)

12. God Is War (Dalai Llama mix by Luke Haines) *

13. Baader Meinhof (Confrontation mix) *

14. There’s Gonna be An Accident (Fuse mix) *

15. There’s Gonna Be An Accident (Muziq mix) *

* previously unreleased

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