6uk9_OBWWeekend2015web_3To help celebrate this weekend’s Odd Box Weekender 2015 – three days of pitch perfect pop noise in the heart of London – the label have made available a free 27 track download bundle featuring all the acts taking part. 

Odd Box Records have long time been one of our favourite cottage industry labels. Single-handedly they’ve done more to help promote the indiepop genre than just about any other contemporary label, and they’ve totally earned the right to have their name quoted alongside the likes of Fortuna Pop!, Postcard, Sarah and Slumberland Records when pontificating about the genre over a lapsang souchong with your mates. The time, money, sweat and darn tooting hard work label boss Trev Odd Box has put into the label is breathtaking and the least he deserves is that his latest – and last – weekender, the focal points of the label’s year, should sell out.


To help celebrate this weekend’s festival they’ve created a free download album featuring all the artists taking part, and unlike similar such promotions where the download is only made available after buying a ticket to the show, this one is available on a rather philanthropic “come one, come all, ye scurvy dogs you”basis.

To get a hold of the downloady goodness point your browser this way… oddboxrecords.bandcamp.com/album/odd-box-weekender-v … but remember, it’s only available until the 4th of May and not a second later, so you’re advised to strike now while the iron’s hot.

You can say thank you to Trev in one of two ways. By purchasing a ticket for the weekender from this link (bearing in mind that the Friday has already sold out, with the other days soon to follow, I’ll be bound) OR by purchasing some music from the Odd Box Bandcamp. If the latter then we recommend you mainline peak contemporariness by selecting something from the label’s spring 2015 collection:

  • Chorusgirl – No Moon / Dream On, Baby Blue (7″ single) (This is volume 3 of The 100 Club Series – i.e., only 100 of them are getting pressed to look lively, you scurvy dogs.)
  • NervousTwitch – Get Back In Line (Tape) (Watch This!)
  • TShirtWeather – Flutter Through The Winter / (Don’t) Hold Your Breath (Tape) (Watch This!)

And remember, as it says on Oddboxes Bandcamp…

“Buy our shit to stop us going bust. DIY can’t exist on love alone.”

The lineup for the Weekender is as follows:

Friday 1st May 7pm-11:30pm (sold out – sorry kids, but all the more reason for you to grab that download eh?)

  • Fever Dream
  • PinkShinyUltraBlast (Russia)
  • Slum Of Legs
  • Horowitz
  • Flemmings

After Show DJs – ClubAC30 versus Fuzzed UP

Saturday 2nd May 1pm-11:30pm

  • The Spook School
  • Slowcoaches
  • The Fish Police
  • Dog Legs
  • Not right
  • Sarandon
  • Giant Burger
  • Feature
  • City Yelps
  • Okinawa Picture Show
  • Charla Fantasma

After Show DJs – Pop-O-Matic (Sheffield)

Sunday 3rd May 1pm-11:30pm

  • The Just Joans
  • The Middle Ones
  • The Manhattan Love Suicides
  • Fishboy (solo set) (USA)
  • The Ethical Debating Society
  • A Witness
  • Steven James Adams
  • Cosines
  • Joey Fourr
  • Nervous Twitch
  • The Wednesday Club

Oddball are online here: oddboxrecords.com. They’re also on Facebook and tweet as @OddBoxRecords.

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