Shakespeare dressed in his finest street clothes ponder this Gallagher fellow
Shakespeare dressed in his finest street clothes ponder this Gallagher fellow
Shakespeare dressed in his finest street clothes ponder this Gallagher fellow
Shakespeare dressed in his finest street clothes ponder this Gallagher fellow

Noel Gallagher and his brother have hit the headlines plenty of times, challenging countless people in the public eye from Robbie Williams to each other , and now Noel is targeting the dead. He has decided to set his sights on one of the most famous wordsmith’s in history, William Shakespeare. Speaking to NME Magazine he said that the works of Shakespeare were “Fucking gibberish”.

Although Billy has probably had the last laugh with over 30 plays, countless sonnets and a theatre to his name, Noel still thinks that Shakespeare was off his rocker.

Prithee I beesech thee to look upon the words of Noel Gallagher, dost he speak clearly to thee or dost Shakespeare win this duel.

Let us seek and look at works of Oasis in particular the song Be-eth Here Now. ӬӬWash your face in the morning sun

‘Flash your pen at the song that I’m singing
Touchdown bass living on the run
Make no sweat at the hole that you’re digging’

Alas, taking the words of Noel and his brother Liam literally may be dangerous. Hence it is not advisable or possible to wash your face in the morning sun. And flashing your pen? Are they talking to Louis Walsh here? As he excitedly points his pen at yet another X Factor contestant telling them that he believes in them a million percent. Ӭ Thus the second part showeth more clarity, a person unable to remain down to earth who is making a lot of mistakes. But if taken literally one might ask what hole are they digging a pond or foundations for a patio.

Forsooth, the knaves have confused the masses before with a line from their song Roll With It.
Kiss the girl, she’s not behind the door
But you know I think I recognize your face
But I’ve never seen you before

To thou who art looking into the lyrics, this may perchance be as clear as day about a drunken haze and a girl. Maybe it could be misconstrued for a game show reference are Oasis talking about Blind Date? Is Cilla and her pearly whites missing from this verse. And the second line shows that the audience aren’t the only ones who are confused, because they don’t know who they are seeing!
Maybe the brothers were reflecting the thoughts of Mr Shakespeare and his tale of two star crossed lovers ‘Romeo and Juliet’ when writing She’s Electric. Were they infact making reference to the Montagues and Capulets.

She’s Electric she’s got a family full of eccentrics.
Hark, later on in the song like the family rift that William penned they too raise this point.
She’s got a brother
We don’t get on with one another

This probably isn’t the same way as the two families were baying for each others blood, but probably more like the Man City, Man U row. Now unlike Shakespeare they don’t go into this tiff in detail or explain wherefore, but instead targets another of the family,
But I quite fancy her mother
The brothers show off their jesterly side as they play the antick in this abridgement. Maybe the question is what’s wrong with their maiden?

But soft comfortable being the only acts making the audience confused they dragged in some other “Brothers” of the Chemical variety on ‘Let Forever Be’.
How does it feel like to make it happen here?
How does it feel like to breathe with everything ?
What the dickens? What are we making happen? what’s thoust sayeth, eh? We need to know Oasis. What arst thou singing about. And why isn’t said person you are singing about breathing with everything anyway? I might be a bit concerned about them.

Now, it may only be a coincidence that Noel has got some stuff to plug and, it’s a sure way to get publicity. But I’m not sure that in a hundred of years time kids will be drooling on their hovver desks as their robot teacher asks the kids what the author was really saying in ‘Morning Glory’.
They may make more sense than William Shakespeare, but a strong influence of theirs once proclaimed “I am the Apeman I am the Walrus” and they did all right.

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  2. Polonius advice to his son Laertus, from HAMLET
    “To thine own self be true, and it must follow as night the day…thou canst not then be false to any man.”

    Perhaps Noel G is putting “to thine own self be true” into action. His own self does not connect to Shakespeare… but then.. this may be because it was taught to him in a decaying classroom by an exhausted teacher dealing with disruptive idiots.

    Perhaps if Noel G saw Shakespeare in the place where it is meant to be…a theatre…in a shared experience of colour, light, magic, literary adventure and spirituality, he might not feel that the word “gibberish” would be accurate.

  3. Very good, very good :)

    I’m with the author in wondering whether Mr Gallagher would be so opinionated on Shakespeare if it weren’t for his need to plug what ever it is he’s plugging these days…

    Good fun article – I think the pithy chap above with the ‘Ape man’ snipe needs to lighten up a bit. Not one for fighting pedantry with pedantry, I’m not even going to mention the rogue use of a comma in one of his sentences – and I wouldn’t dream of pointing out the distinct lack of apostrophe in the word “bands”. A polite suggestion: perhaps it would be an idea for Sir to gain a grasp of basic punctuation (any Key Stage 2 English textbook will do) before he spends time nitpicking other people’s articles online.


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